[Buzz] Ohno, New Drama - Uta no Oniisan

It has been decided that Ohno will star in another drama, this time, it is a comedy as titled above. It was said that his character's name will be Kenta, a loser whose band broke up and whose girlfriend dumped him. Then he will probably find a new aim in life on a children's show, on which he sings. Oh Ohno is going to sing. xD In that... pastel, multi-coloured outfit. We like.

How did Ohno first decided to be in dramas? After such a long time since his debut, suddenly he is all over the place. I doubt that he never received offers, though he speaks like he never did receive any offers pre-Maou. Anyways, it is nice that the leader is getting off his ass and is working hard. I mean... fishing? Play-dough? (Okay, it may be something more artsy and professional.)

The drama will air next year, January. We look forward to it. I hope it will be as good as "Maou". I mean, I loved "Maou". It was suspenseful enough.

But is it just me, or does Ohno looks like a midget on-crack who sells candies to trick young kids? It should be just me.


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