[Drama] Long Vacation

Summer 1996
Episode: 11

Starring: Kimura Takuya, Yamaguchi Tomoko, Takenouchi Yutaka, Matsu Takako, Ryo, Hirosue Ryoko, Morimoto Leo...
Sena Hidetoshi reluctantly got out of bed to answer the door one morning and as he opened the door, he saw a woman dressed in traditional Japanese wedding outfit standing there asking for his roommate. It turns out that the woman, Hayama Minami was jilted on her wedding day by Asakura, who lives in the same apartment as Sena.
Minami, a loser model found herself out of money and without a husband, decided to move into the apartment her ex-fiance lived. Thus making Sena, a piano teacher who aims to be a world-class pianist one day, her roommate. This marks the beginning of the blossomming relationship between the two in that apartment as they talked and bonded and developed feelings for each other. While their age gap is evident (Minami being 7 years older than Sena) their inevitable relationship was also like so as this is a Fuji TV Getsuku drama.
So... yeah, you know. I am just in the mood for young, hot, dashing KimuTaku and Takenouchi Yutaka, so... I'll just skip all this crap.

I so rock at summaries, really. MatsuJun, Yamapi, Kame... all these current leading men are NO MATCH for KimuTaku. KimuTaku has charisma and... he is... KimuTaku. Do you know how many Getsuku dramas KimuTaku acted in? That is eight. And his viewership ratings ALWAYS exceed 20%, and half the time, they exceed 30%. Now I don't mean to be one of the elitist, but back in the day, KimuTaku almost singlehandedly raised SMAP to a legendary spot. KimuTaku was the MAN.

And I do wish that one day, Jun or a Johnny's boi that I like will be able to rise to the level of KimuTaku, but I don't think there is a fat chance at that happening. Not that these other bois are not good enough or as good. But people would only see them as wannabes somehow. Being the star is hard, but trying to be as good as the star is way harder.

That is KimuTaku. And this is why, even if today, SMAP is not selling more than 200k copies of their singles when they once used to sell 2 million copies, SMAP is still... big.

Takenouchi Yutaka is... another thing. He was in 5 Getsuku dramas. xD Pretty great too. And very hot, in a manly, dirrrty, sexy kinda way.

These men were leading Getsuku dramas when Getsuku dramas were supposed to mean something. When being a Getsuku drama would probably guarantee ratings of 15% and above. And in the past only two of the Getsuku dramas passed the 30% mark, and both of them starred KimuTaku. This is why he is that cocky. It is because he freakin' can. And the third highest rated was 29.2% - a small step away from thirty. And it is Long Vacation. Who does it star again?

And these are NOT the only KimuTaku dramas that raked in viewership ratings exceeding 30%. Remember "Beautiful Life"? Well go into that later when I re-watch it. "Good Luck!!" as well. KimuTaku = viewership ratings gold.

This drama isn't much, really. Pretty cliched and predictable too. But very sweet and romantic. Unlike the usual JE-boy-starring dramas, this drama features a lot of smoking. We know they all smoke though. Its almost mandatory for Japanese man to show how macho they are.

And if it is not apparent enough, this is my "let us all worship KimuTaku for making being a Johnny's mean something" entry. And... Tachibana Keita looks like him. And... I have to be frank and say he cannot dance and cannot sing. END.

P.S. I am watching "Asunaro Hakusho". It should be good.

Ratings: I do not dare to even try to rate this supposed masterpiece for who am I but a lowly J-entertainment addict? xD

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