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11 December 2008

While I mourn for the demise of my two favourite couples in Gossip Girl, I have decided that I needed some bitching. And here I am, with this episode of HNAC where Ohno attempts to renew a Guinness record for most T-shirts worn at a time. Counterproductive, but when is Arashi actually productive? Before that... Chuck and Blair are like... Ross and Rachel only more evil and less funny.
MatsuJun and Aiba were helping Ohno in his quest to put 225 T-shirts on his body. xD It was very funny. It took more than ten hours and they didn't finish. I feel bad for laughing at the pain Ohno was going through... but... xDDDDDDDDD I was rotfl and it was near dawn.
Ohno... despite his shortness, is still heavier than me. I win. (Haven't you heard? Thin is in.) He is 53 kilograms... I guess his bone mass is... big or something. I dunno, I am really bad with biology. xD So Arashi's very own plasma TV is attempting to fatten himself up with T-shirts. It was a rather agonizing process, but the result is very adorable, almost humpty-dumpty-like.
At 47, Aiba was hugging Ohno, apparently its comfy. xD Then MatsuJun took the opportunity to molest him. Sneaky, that MatsuJun. I knew he had impure thoughts when it comes to Ohno. He has the word 'horny' written all over him. xDDDD When it was time for them to eat, Ohno couldn't raise his arms enough to put food into his mouth, so Aiba had to feed him like a baby. I swear, the picture looks like Jun the father, Masaki the mother and their fat giant baby Ohno. Adorable happy family picture. At 140, was Jun sitting on Ohno's lap? Ohno wanted to go potty... and couldn't. At 168, Ohno looks a wee bit like Jabba the hutt.
They gave up at 169. Aiba. Very. Shaggable. And white is not Aiba's colour. Is it just me, or does MatsuJun's eyes overflow with love when he looks at Ohno? It could be just me. I doubt my judgments a lot, with good reason. Ohno said that he is amazed at Charlie-senpai (the current record holder) and will give him a tip if he sees him. xD
Towards the end, when they were getting to know their guest for the episode... Aiba spoke of his tendency to weep in weddings, even if he wasn't close with the newlyweds. xD Emotional. Aiba was all "Yeah, I cry a lot. And?" xD

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