[Heyx3] Arashi - Medley (One Love & Truth)

15 December 2008

They yapped a bit about Arashi's sales again. When Downtown was all "You guys are so great, look at your damn sales!" Arashi did what was expected "Oh... this is so unbelievable..." and "Oh its our first time!!!"... then Hamachan was like "Mata mata...." as if the kick he gave Nino at the beginning wasn't enough. Did I mention I love Downtown? Or is it Down Town? Most probably the latter, but I like it stuck together.
They were all like Arashi is the first artist to hog the first and second place on the Oricon charts in the past 19 years since Princess Princess. And the year before that, Hikaru Genji did that too.
And then they talked about the most hardworking member of the year - Ohno Satoshi. Who would have thought? Macchan and Hamachan stared in disbelief while Ohno said that he had wanted to take it a bit easier. xD When Macchan asked him how many off days he wanted in a week, our smartass leader said he wanted 7 days to which Macchan said that would be what society calls... unemployment. xD
Sho, Aiba and Nino went to a massage parlour in Shanghai with... um... an old dude who exfoliates your body for you. xD And when he wanted to like... scrub the crotch area... the three were forced to take a very... compromising pose... sorta like when a woman is giving birth... then the old dude would flip their male... reproductive organs... over... xDDDDDD And the sound of that was... "pe-ron"... xDD Okay, it is getting disturbing. We will stop here.

They performed "One Love". I thought something was different, they didn't have microphone stands. They then performed "Truth". xD I love "Truth".

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