[Movie] Hana Yori Dango ~Final~


Starring: Matsumoto Jun, Inoue Mao, Oguri Shun, Matsuda Shota, Abe Tsuyoshi, Fujiki Naohito, Akira, Kato Natsuki, Kaga Mariko, Kobayashi Susumu, Ishino Mako, Inoue Takayuki...
Set 4 years after the events of Hana Yori Dango Returns, as Tsukasa and Tsukushi are planning their marriage, Tsukasa's mother, Kaede entrusts a family heirloom to Tsukushi - a tiara that has 4 different types of gems and symbolizes happiness to the couple that possesses it. The tiara is called 'The Smile of Venus'.
As Tsukasa and Tsukushi were having their... almost daily lover's spat, a man broke a window in their hotel room and escaped with the prized tiara. Tsukasa tried to go after the man but failed. When they got back to the hotel room, the window was restored and the hotel staff acted as if they had neither seen nor heard anything.
Follow the strange series of events, Tsukasa and Tsukushi traveled around the world to track down the tiara for the sake of their upcoming wedding. Should they lose the tiara, they might not even have a wedding. Can the couple trust each other and face the obstacles together? Or will their relationship crumble in the face of danger?
DUM DUM DUM DUM~ Drama ensues.

So... the 'good bye' towards the end of the movie means that the cow is dry? I mean, they should realize that the cow is dry right? I bet the udders are old and wrinkly. xD What? It is a metaphor. Anyways, they didn't hold back on showering this production with all the money it needs eh? Across continents they traveled to shoot this movie. From Japan to Vegas to Hong Kong... and then to some presumed deserted island. I guess they want to glamourize the last bucket of milk they squeeze from the franchise.

I can see why this was much fussed over, I mean, we want an ending to our story. And as if the previous endings were not satisfactory enough, when a new ending pops up, naturally, we are curious. This story focuses more on the main characters of Tsukasa and Tsukushi. It is very fun watching Jun the smartass play Tsukasa the idiot. And Jun and Mao's chemistry can be seen clearly in this installment, I guess the cast forged a tight relationship through the years. If Jun weren't so gay, I'd hope some sparks got transfered off screen. Oh well.

Though the Domyoji Enterprise's fame was a bit exaggerated. What is Tsukasa? Like the Japanese male version of Paris Hilton? xD I mean, a tattoo-clad American truck driver asking for his autograph? Yeah, right. But gosh, Jun and his skinny bag of bones... hunting for fish... swimming, shaving. Topless. Ah~ turned on, I am. xD For a moment there, I forgot he nances around when he isn't Tsukasa. Just a moment though. xD

Inoue Mao looks pretty here and of course, especially in that final scene. I am relieved that it is over though, albeit a bit sad. I mean... there was always the next Hanadan to look forward to, but not anymore. Oh wait... Korean version. Fat chance I am going to watch it though. Cos like, I bet it will be drenched in tears. The Japanese version is funny. The Taiwanese version is horrible. Horrible. I don't want to remember it. Oh~

Ah, finally, they let the cow rest. About time. It was fun watching it even if the plot is a lame excuse for making more money. Sigh.

Rating: 4/5


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