[Drama] Sora Kara Furu Ichioku no Hoshi

Spring 2002

Episodes: 11

Starring: Akashiya Sanma, Kimura Takuya, Fukatsu Eri, Igawa Haruka, Shibasaki Kou...
Dojima Kanzo is a detective investigating a case of a university student who was made to appear as if she committed suicide by jumping off the balcony of her apartment. It was later found that the young woman was stabbed beforehand. The police came out with a conclusion that the murderer cleaned up her place to avoid suspicion. After inspecting the crime scene, Kanzo went off in a hurry to attend the birthday party of Nishihara Miwa, the daughter of a rich man. It was revealed at the party that Kanzo's sister - Yuko was Miwa's good friend as she helped Miwa prepare for her big party.
Also heading for the boat on which the party was held was Katase Ryo, a young chef who was delivering ingredients for the dinner party. (Can I add the hot in front of the word chef? It is becoming a habit, really.) Ryo is a mysterious young man who ended up hooking up with the birthday girl after repairing her charmbracelet which was ruined during a fight between Ryo's friend and a man who is after Miwa's money. Miwa was immediately charmed by Ryo and the two started dating.
Miwa later found that her broken charm bracelet had its beads replaced exactly the same way as before it was broken. At the same time, Kanzo compared the crime scene photos with a photo taken of the apartment before the incident and noticed that the DVDs were arranged exactly the same way as before the incident happened. If the murderer had rearranged the crime scene after a struggle which messed up the crime scene, how could be manage to get such details correct?
From the time of the party, the siblings kept running into Ryo. Kanzo cannot shake the eerie feeling of having met Ryo before in the past. His suspicions increase with everytime he met Ryo who gives him an unsettling feeling. As Kanzo tries to protect all the people around Ryo, he neglected his sister who was beginning to form a strange bond with Ryo.


I love it from the beginning. Ah another good one by KimuTaku. He never disappoints, does he? I like these type of thrilling dramas. It makes you more willing to sit through more than ten hours of it without having the urge to skip anything at all. Up to episode 3, I really didn't know what to expect. The more you don't know, the more you want to know. They have a murder case that is not progressing an inch and a man who acts fishy no matter how you look at him.

This drama makes me think a lot about who is this Katase Ryo and why is he so fishy. And I am having a fever. It is NOT good to make sick people think! It is a bit tiring, watching such a drama. You are still finding its direction as half of the drama is over, you still don't exactly know what is the theme or main plot. You feel that the first few episodes are building up to a climax which WILL be big. There is not much character introduction. The characters are not served to you on a platter, you have to explore it slowly. I like that a lot.

Kimura wowed me again with his intense and convincing performance as Ryo, a man who is mentally fucked up. It is in his eyes. They have this... almost maniacal look to them when he turns the crazy on. This is a rather dark suspense drama. No gore, but a lot of guessing and doubting. Something that you know you have to watch until the end to truly appreciate it. I have heard and read a lot about how great the drama is and how amazing the ending will be. So I was very much anticipating it from the beginning. Though the drama seems to be progressing at a slow pace, it did not bore me but made me even more curious as to how this drama will climax. I also hoped very much for it to not disappoint, which I have very little doubt that it will.

It was very time consuming for me to watch this drama. It was quite tiring because... I always skip boring parts but there are few to skip. But so many questions are raised in my mind from the beginning to the end and I cannot skip it for fear of missing a hint for the answer. Unlike "Nemureru Mori", there are NO answers given as the story progressed. So I thought that they will all be answered in the end. But still, I couldn't take chances. xD

Akashiya Sanma's Kanzo was a bit annoying for me. Even if he turned out to be NOT a useless cop but rather a determined, persistant and detailed detective, he just gets on my nerve at times. Never liked cops though. xD But he'll grow on me, I am sure. A self-sacrificing 'brother' who puts his 'sister' before himself at all times. The fact that he's so adamant on protecting them all... pisses me off a bit. But I guess the person who bears all the truth has a great burden placed upon him.

It is a drama about a devil who would hurt everyone on earth save one. But when the truth is revealed, I guess the connection is not that transparent. Fukatsu Eri was adorable. Her voice was... childlike. LOL. But she was playing the good ol' lively leading woman until the very end.

FAT SPOILERS... in sorta hidden text.

HAH! I knew it! The moment Kanzo and that annoying cop woman was discussing how Yuko and Kanzo were not related and when Yuko was the only one who was able to be truly important to Ryo, I knew that an incestuous relationship was forthcoming. The moment revelation came upon was testament to my extremely great totally rockin' predicting skills. xD But my theory was confirmed and it was confirmed with a BAM! Itt wasn't apparent right from the start though. But you slowly piece it together because hints were thrown at you. In a way, it is similar to Nemureru Mori yet... it has a different... flavour to it. xD

It was tragic, what befell the main characters of the drama. And Kanzo caused it. He tried to repent his deeds but... indirectly causing more damage to those involved. Overall a great watch. I was growing impatient in the end and quickly skipped the boring parts. It had a shock effect at the end, but it is not like you didn't anticipate it. But there should be doubt... the confirmation came and then BAM, you get everything. The last scene was heartbreaking. A man who regrets deeply his deeds but could no longer be able to do anything to improve the situation.

Reitings: 4.5/5

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