[Drama] Ryuusei no Kizuna

Autumn 2008

Starring: Ninomiya Kazunari, Nishikido Ryo, Toda Erika, Kaname Jun, Ryo, Nakashima Mika, Shitara Osamu
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Three siblings - Koichi, Taisuke and Shizuna - snuck out one night to see a meteor shower without their parents' permission. When they returned home, their home transformed into a bloody murder scene as their parents lay motionless on the floor. The two policemen in-charge found themselves feeling sympathy for the three children but helpless when it comes to solving the case due to a lack of suspect and evidence. More than a decade later, during the year the statute of limitation runs out, the policemen found renewed motivation to attempt on solving the case.
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The three orphans grew into young adults who remained close while none of them forgot the resolution that they made all those years ago - to seek out the murderer themselves and kill him.
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Koichi currently works in a restaurant owned by an interesting man. The smart, calculating one. He responsibly took up the role of a big brother as he looked out for his younger siblings after their parents' death. He undoubtedly was the most affected by the loss of his parents as he led the 'Ariake trio' towards the path of swindling and seeking out the murderer of their parents.
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Taisuke works part-time at various shops and most often in a porn shop. The second son who is more often than not carefree and flaky. Often thought to be stupid by his siblings, Taisuke never managed to keep a part-time job for long, let alone a steady job. Taisuke plays a pivotal role in their quest to seek out their parents' murderer as he was the only one who saw the murderer leaving their house during the night of the murder.
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Shizuna, their stepsister, just got fired from her job due to constant bullying from her superior. Pretty and overprotected, Shizuna's brothers always had her back after the tragedy that befell them. Though not related by blood with the brothers, they genuinely cared for Shizuna and always put her before themselves. Shizuna was also used as bait for their swindling activities.
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The drama picks up the story from this point in time. To get on in life and earn a few extra bucks, the siblings committed fraudulent acts to various people using various comical schemes and succeeded everytime without being exposed. That was until they set Togami Yukinari as their target and what followed was a string of events which may or may not lead to the solving of the case more than 14 years ago.
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I don't love it, to tell the truth. It is not even half as engaging as I expected it would be. It is somewhat bland and dull. Though the snippets of fraud scenes were minorly amusing. It is lacking something, I have yet to find out what. Somewhat whimsical and ridiculous at times, I get that this must be the Kudo Kankuro influence as can be seen in Kisarazu Cats Eye, it is just that, I am not liking it. I don't get the humour.

Is Mika's character necessary? No. Do I enjoy her? Always. But I don't like how counterproductive her character is. If they want to add a character designed for her, at last make her useful, let the character contribute to the storyline. Well at least she looks nice in here.

I don't like Yukinari. Probably because I really enjoyed that scene where Shizuna was strolling with Taisuke while talking about Mika's character and Koichi. And I was hoping that it would progress to something romantic (despite the disgusting-ness of it if it were to happen in real life. We call this a drama for a reason.)

Bananaman's Shitara showed a different side to him. Though he might be playing a character. xD Nino is... ugh... can I say "not my favourite performance"? I like Ryo's character though, quite a departure from "Last Friend"'s Sousuke. And all the costume wearing helps with the likability.

I repeat - I don't love this drama. But I will finish it. Because I am sure I will have committed a crime punishable by death if I miss a drama starring two of my favourite Johnny's bois. xD Oh yes, I said it.

In episode 7, when the brothers were discussing about Shizuna and Yukinari's relationship and how Shizuna was falling for the son of their enemy, that final yell that Koichi let out was creepy. He scares me now. That face, the anger in his eyes - almost maniacal. I had goosebumps. That yell was not the whiny ones that Nino would make when an Arashi member was being dumb. It was lower, (with a teeny hint of Ninoness.) Creepy.

It always struck me as strange how he would yell and be mean to Taisuke but is all nice to Shizuna. So the little sister needs all the love and protection and the little brother can be pushed around. And... was that a confession when Taisuke confronted Shizuna about Yukinari? That part about how Koichi wasn't the only man who gets worried about Shizuna coming home late and stuff.

We wonder. We sure hope that pulls through because Taisuke's character is... Okay, I have the tendency to fall for idiots like that. I sure fear for myself with a taste like that. Anyways, is Shizuna not stupid? I mean, like, if you know falling for him would not give you a happy ending - at least not easily, then don't. It is simple as that? I mean, you can, at one point, choose to like or not like someone. It is not that I trivialize feelings like that, but people are all independent by nature. You don't have to love someone to live. There are other things in life.... like... I don't know... YOUR FAMILY? Your career? Geez, instead of moping like that, maybe Shizuna should try to... I don't know... get a job?! I mean, rich spoiled boys are really annoying anyways. Always walking around with a sense of... entitlement. It is rich boys like these who are able to be nice like Yukinari is because situations did not force him to be a bit more selfish to survive. Their world is all bright and shiny. I hate rich people. But I do intend to be one. xDDD

In episode 8, when the cop was asking Koichi what would he do if the murderer was made known. The way Koichi would answer "I'd kill him, I guess," so easily. Is that not creepy? Koichi officially scares me. Now that I think of it, he decided to kill when he was young. That is very creepy. Can he actually be, like a sociopath? Cos I think Nino is one. I will explain that later.

The FINAL episode just aired last night, I think. I am satisfied. Though the process of getting towards the ending is long and rather boring, filled with redundant scenes and 'family love', the ending was very engaging. With the sudden turn of events, the murderer turned out to be NOT whom they thought it was. With Togami Yukinari's father off the hook, Shizuna can have her happy ending. I didn't understand why Koichi had to turn himself in for the swindling, but I guess they want to instill moral values in all who watch the show. All goody-goody and happy. I find Nakashima Mika's character unneeded and forcefully written into the show. Though I don't mind it, I like watching her seduce Koichi. And Ryo. Oh... so... hot. So hot. I like Shitara as a cop. xD Very believable too. And strangely, I grew to like Yukinari. Oh well. It was a happy ending as the siblings picked up the restaurant where their parents left off.

Nino, Ryo and Erika delivered wonderful performances. Nino especially. My feelings for Arashi aside, you have to admit that he was great when he realized and confronted the murderer (whose identity I won't reveal for the sake of keeping it non-spoilery for those who have yet to watch the drama) and when he saw the handle of the umbrella and when the truth hit him. Very intense, I like. Ryo's acting improved. I mean, the upbeat, happy character of Taisuke might have suited him well or something. He is not as stiff as I remembered back in "Attention Please". I am glad. Erika too was good in here. I skipped "Code Blue" so I don't know how she performed there, but she has almost always been believable. This is the first time I saw Shitara Osamu, one half of the comedic duo - Bananaman play a serious character, and of course, that is new. Mika... her performance is... funny. Better than Nana. xD

Rating: 3/5

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