[Drama] Yamato Nadeshiko

Autumn 2000

Episodes: 11

Starring: Matsushima Nanako, Tsutsumi Shinichi, Azuma Mikihisa, Yada Akiko...

Jinno Sakurako hates being poor. She hates poverty with all her heart. Being unable to bear another day of living in poverty, she left her hometown of Fukuyama for Tokyo with her father's bank book on the day of her highschool graduation.
She sought for opportunities to change her life of poverty in Tokyo as she used her father's money for a makeover. Armed with only her beauty, she looked around for ways to meet rich people. That was when she saw a commercial airplane flying pass, thus she decided that rich people travel a whole lot and that being a stewardess will boost her chances of marrying into money.
As a stewardess, Sakurako was able to come into contact with many rich men and went with them on group dates with other stewardesses. She played the ground despite convincing her many boyfriends that they were exclusive as she sought for the richest man she can meet. More importantly, she sought for men with a horseowner's pin - a symbol of ultimate riches.
When she found a man named Nakahara Osuke wearing that very pin, she seduced him with all her power while her previously most prospective suitor, Tsukasa, proposed to her. She thought she found the rich man of her dreams in Osuke, but to her disappointment, Osuke was a humble fish-shop owner. Sakurako went back to Tsukasa but found Osuke a frequent passerby in her life. Will Sakurako fall for Osuke or will her love for money triumph over her feelings for him?


This is one of my favourite dramas! I love it! I actually watched it a while back, but I was busy. So this is up now. Matsushima Nanako was like, the biggest thing back in her time. She was like... like... BIG, in more ways than one, of course. And as I was watching this show, it hit me... Sawajiri Erika looks so much like her. So much. A creepier, bitchier version, of course.

This drama is laced with certain comedic moments where Sakurako would lecture her fellow stewardesses with her philosophy on men, marriage and money. And she would come up with arguments that will beat the crap out of love idealists. I totally support her view. I wished that the ending will not be a cliched one, to my disappointment, of course.

This drama had high viewer ratings after a couple of years of ratings drought in getsuku dramas and the theme song was the initial drive for me to watch it. It is a great song, Misia's "Everything". I have almost no complains about the drama, except how Yada Akiko's character was annoying with all her morals and crap and the leading man is... so... average. I know, the character is supposed to be average, BUT, you see... it wouldn't hurt to have a bit of prettiness in here that is NOT female would it?

Ratings: 4.5/5

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