[Drama] Beautiful Life

Winter 2000

Episodes: 11

Starring: Kimura Takuya, Tokiwa Takako, Watabe Atsuro, Mizuno Miki, Ikeuchi Hiroyuki, Hara Chiaki, Nishikawa Takanori, Koyuki...
Okishima Shuji, a young and hot hairstylist (VERY HOT, I might add), was riding on his bike to the library one day when a young woman in a car stuck her hand out of the car window suddenly while speaking on her cellphone. This caused Shuji some annoyance and the two began arguing all the way to the library. Shuji later found out that the woman, Machida Kyoko, was wheelchair-bound due to an illness she had when she was 17.
Despite a rocky start, the two began to warm up to each other when Shuji asked Kyoko to be his model for a magazine. The two later began an inevitable relationship which is filled with obstacles (like every other relationship, really) as Kyoko's insecurities and Shuji's world - a world different from what Kyoko was used to - got in the way.
And we all know that she will be gone as the narration by the two hinted earlier in the drama.
KimuTaku. OMG~ This is it. This is the drama. I forgot. How could I? This was the drama that was showing late at night on national TV years and years ago. So, right, my brother would watch it. But at times, I would only be able to catch the end of it for reasons I don't remember. I would only be able to catch the credits where B'z song was played.

And Shuji... what can I say about Shuji? He is great. And only human. Though he has his own problems, he tried his best to support Kyoko and ensure that she is fine. And... the pair of shoes. The damn red shoes. I haven't been so affected by a drama since quite a while ago.

T_T Oh it is dramas like these that remind me that I am such a romantic at heart. (YES I AM. I mean... there is more to me that lusting over pretty bois you know?) Tokiwa Takako. She was in the first Japanese drama that I ever watched. I know she was. "Meguriai" with Fukuyama Masaharu. But I don't quite remember the storyline. She's pretty. And, I like her character in here. She was extremely bubbly and cheerful and likable. At times funny too when she quoted Shakespeare about the lark and the nightingale. xD I am glad that I recognize it before she had to clarify it to her parents. xD Don't you think it is a well written script that a librarian should quote from Shakespeare? xD

Then again, I did notice something else. When Kyoko said that when she was with Shuji that she wanted to walk and be normal the most, did Aya not say something similar to Haruto in "A Litre of Tears" yet again it is a very common thought, is it not? That when you have a taste of happiness, you want more and more. Greed. It is human nature. Though this is what I always proclaimed to hate - a drama centred around a love story, I find it difficult to not LOVE it. Perhaps it is the fact that the leading male is not all mushy, saying things you read from a romance novel (this is why I hate Korean dramas to no end. You know how the men say all that crap like "Oh I love you and I'll die for you" that kinda crap? It pisses me off because you know when men watch them and then when they pursue you, they think that you can easily be deceived by it? The fact that I just get disgusted by it automatically repels me from the dramas. Being subtle about it is fine. Shuji was subtle. Nothing mushy. Tsukasa was mushy in Hanadan. Couldn't stand those parts) , perhaps it is the manliness of KimuTaku *OH MANLY*, perhaps it is just the theme song (Konya Tsuki no Mieru Oka ni) I am not sure. But it is a good drama. A good one.

Oh, and perhaps it is how extremely human the characters are. They get pissed too, Kyoko is NOT the typical physically challenged but extremely kind and angelic girl. Shuji is not the great, caring, self-sacrificing boyfriend who would make her his whole world. They behaved like anyone would in the situations that they were confronted with, reacted with emotions that normal people would. They doubt, they fear, they get tired.

When he was planning for their future in episode 9, it was almost heartbreaking to watch. Heartbreaking. When he said that the fact that she was in her future is... common sense. And how he made nothing big out of it and said it like it is... fixed. How he is so embarrassed when he had to said things that are minorly mushy. Oh... just perfect. So natural. Chemistry. This is what makes dramas good, chemistry. OMG, I get KimuTaku and all the craziness surrounding that name. I so get it now.

There was also T.M. Revolution or Nishikawa Takanori in here eh? His character was annoying at first, but then... xD it was a small but good character. Long silky straight hair. xDDD I like him. xD

It was a good watch. It has been a while since I am so eager to finish a drama. The ending was very predictable yet... beautifully sad. A very understated sadness. Death is harder on those left behind than the person who died. And to go on living and NOT forget the dead is even more depressing. When I watch dramas like these, I would think... what if it were me. I'd move on majorly (like... I don't know... find someone else?), because I think people are incapable of loving like those in the dramas. That is why they are called dramas.

Ratings: 4.9 (What? So what if it is not a nice round-ish number?)

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