[Talk] My Johnny's Experience... Through The Screen

I am on a Arashi TV show marathon. Have I mentioned that before? It is not something you can do in a day or two. But what a joy!

I didn't just saw Arashi being all cool in a drama and then decided that they were going to be my favourite group. I knew Johnny's was going to be a long, long addiction because of the large number of... boisies.

It is strange that I am saying it myself, but I truly studied Johnny's and their history. From recognizing only KimuTaku to... err... now, I did not just focus on one group and decided then and there and blindly worship everything that they do. Of this, I think I remain pretty level-headed throughout the process, which is cool.

At one point, I was watching anything and everything I can find that has or is related to a Johnny's boi. I would say curiousity was the drive behind it all. Why and how did a group of boisies who aren't brilliant singers/dancers/actors with ugly clothes dominate Japanese charts for decades? The answer... will come later.

I started with NewS from watching "1 Litre of Tears" and "Nobuta wo Produce". As can be seen, it didn't turn out well, I didn't stay long there. I moved on quickly to KAT-TUN. That didn't fare very well either. Kanjani8 came next. I was feeling good about it. Before I knew it, I sang along to "Sukiyanen, Osaka" and fought hard to stop myself from doing the stupid hand actions which was a fight I won.

I forgot how and when exactly I arrived at Arashi. But I never budged. Sure, I have interest in KinKi Kids and V6. But Arashi is... like... freakin' priority. Before I knew it, all the others became just... stuff I watch when I have time. But Arashi is a MUST. But it is not that I am worshipping them blindly or think that they can do no wrong.

Probably it is because they love their job and each other so much and are so comfortable with their surroundings and each other that I found them interesting. Have you watched a behind the scenes video of NewS or KAT-TUN? I have. I have seen them, lying around, 2 or 3 forming a close circle and the remaining formed their own circle. I have also seen an Arashi behind the scenes. The difference is in-your-face.

It is because they love their jobs that they work hard at it and treasure each other. And it was during these Mago Mago Arashi episodes with the rowing club that I saw it.


When a member is busy cooking, another would ensure that the cooking member gets his share of food. Arashi feels like a complete package. They are not parts pieced together. They know their roles well and don't mind looking stupid playing their roles. Personally, I don't think Ohno is that... oblivious or Aiba is that... silly. There are moments where Ohno stepped up and assumed his role. Other times, he just steps back and let things take their course. Not one of them is trying to fight for the spotlight.

And I need to sleep. Oh this entry is so embarrassing, but I am sleepy and I feel very... inspired now for... reasons unknown. I'd probably regret this tomorrow. xD

As attached to them as I am, they're just entertainment, which I would willingly devote time to. But still, just entertainment. I am not crazy, neither am I delusional. Just very curious and found that curiosity satisfied.

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