[Buzz] When Hina met Erika

Hina a.k.a. Murakami Shingo of Kanjani8 is rumoured to be dating Toda Erika. Websters all over made jokes about them having hot Kansai sex. The two were apparently spotted together on numerous occasions and various rumours about them taking their relationship really seriously were spread. The two was said to have met on the set of "Arigatou, Okan" probably some tanpatsu drama aired back in October.

Do I like it? TOTALLY. OMFG TOTALLY. Like, have you not noticed that of late, Hina has gotten like really dirrrty sexy hot? I have. I have seen people who think he is ugly and all... but he one of the very few Johnny's with an ounce of manhood in his appearance, seriously. Like... dirrrty sexy hot. All that facial hair. I bet he has some chest hair. Right? Please?

Sure, back in his early days he wasn't like hot and probably a bit noisy. But OMG recently. Very recently. I think he might be the most shaggable in Kanjani8. xD I mean, sure, Ryo's my favourite. But doesn't mean he has to top my list for everything right? I mean... we can tell that Hina has lots of manliness and probably a big manhood. What?

Toda Erika, I like! It is not recently that I like her... was it back when I watched "Death Note"? I read the manga and I liked MisaMisa. Did I? Well, I change a lot, but I liked Toda Erika and I am glad that she is NOT banging one of those sissy wusses from KAT-TUN but Hina. xD She is not all cute and cheerful and happy. That's why I like her. She's not excessively cutesy. One would have expected that Erika will pick a Kansai boy for herself. xD

Oh, I hope they last long enough to make little babies. May the males be as shaggable as Hina and the females as pretty as Erika.


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