[Buzz] Kanjani8 - New Single!

Okay, I heard that a new single will be released by Kanjani8 on March 12 titled "WA HA HA". As if Kanjani8 is not freaky enough. I like them, but gosh they are freaky, and sadly at times embarrassing. (Especially during "Osaka Obaachan Rock" promotional period.) It became kinda difficult to admit to liking them. But once you listen to their songs like "Mugendai", "Heavenly Psycho" or "Eden" and also "Sayonara wa Itsumo", the fact that they are so freaky doesn't really matter anymore.

And that performance of "Eden" on ShoKura Premium is one of the performances that made me stare at the screen and focus on nothing else but the screen. Not a lot of performances can do that to me considering my short attention span.

But! "WA HA HA"? Seriously?! Seriously! What the feck? I heard that that songs that will come in the same single are "BJ" and "Dare Yori Kimi ga Suki Dakara" or something like that. I am aware that it is part of their appeal that their singles are all LIKE THAT and stuff, they need a competitive advantage since they are not as slutty as KAT-TUN or as gay as Arashi (They are trying to catch up though... that kiss between Nishikido and Subaru... they are catching up.) So these boys are sold as happy people. You know, almost like comedians.

And as weird as their singles may be, they are really addictive. I was once so addicted to "Sukiyanen, Osaka" I almost had to tape my arms to the armrest because I am weirdly tempted to do the hand actions those boys were doing. Yes, but I may have held it all in. Or not. Or yes. Well, it will remain a mystery. Not that anyone cares. But yeah.

Anyways, I noticed that their single is scheduled for release away from KT's (7/2/08), NewS's (27/02/08) and Arashi's (20/2/08). And KAT-TUN's is scheduled a bit further away from the latter two.

See they are trying to make KAT-TUN sell while fans have to decide which of the latter two to purchase. Evil conspirators siding KAT-TUN.



xD Anyways, Kanjani8's single, another happy one with a weird title.

We look forward to it too!

Oh, so many things to look forward to. But then with Johnny's there is always something to look forward to.

They are attempting to empty our wallets and bank accounts. Evil.

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