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Starring: Oh people I don't quite care for.

After 54 high school girls committed suicide by jumping in front of a train together, holding hands, more and more suicides appear all over Japan. The police found a bag with human skin stitched together and reeled up at some of the suicide skins but not all.
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Before the deaths are reported, a website is always a step in front of the suicidal head count.

And then there is a tweens singing group called Desserts whose addictive song "Mail Me" is being played repetitively throughout the nation. What is the connection between the group and the suicide cases?


Err, if you are too free, watch this. Its not bad, but it sure is a good way to spend time. If you like gore and grotesque scenes, the human skin stitched up, the amputated limbs lying on the table at the morgue, the blood. But that is just from my point of view since the movie received rave reviews... and is released in the west and so forth.
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But if you are the type that looks for a final explanation regarding the suicides, then don't bother cos you ain't getting any. Unless you watch the follow-up movie "Noriko's Dinner Table", I need to watch it to really understand because of the plot holes, I guess.
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This is not my type of movie. Its not scary or anything, its just a ball of confusion... Basically, its just about a suicidal wave that swept the country because of - from my own interpretation of the movie - the unhappiness and the problems of the modern way of life.

2/5 (Need to watch the follow-up. I need completion.)

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