[Movie] Joze to Tora to Sakana Tachi


Starring: Tsumabuki Satoshi, Ikewaki Chizuru, Ueno Juri...

Final year university student, Tsuneo works part time at a Mahjongg parlor. One night, his clients were chatting casually about an old woman who pushes around an old baby cart at odd hours off the day. The clients started to make wild guesses at what could in inside the cart, like perhaps drugs or money.
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When Tsuneo went off to walk his boss's dog, he saw a baby cart moving downhill by itself and an old woman hurried behind, asking him to check if 'Kumiko' is okay. Tsuneo flipped open a piece of cloth to reveal a young girl. The old woman who was Kumiko's grandmother invited Tsuneo back to their home for a meal. Kumiko is legs are... disabled, thus making her unable to walk. Her grandmother kept her a secret from their neighbors all these years and forbade her to go out when others are outside.
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Not long after, Tsuneo found himself returning for another meal, bringing veggie over and bringing Joze (The name Kumiko adopted for herself based on a book that she loves.) books and pushing her around town in the cart. Though Joze never went to school, she is knowledgeable and interesting, Tsuneo soon fell for her.
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What ensues is a triangle love story between Joze, Tsuneo and a gorgeous girl named Kanae whom Tsuneo knew from university.
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Why the hell has this movie been collecting dust on the shelf?

Its so good. There is no fairytale ending to this story, but at least its a realistic one. I don't like the ending, and it came so unexpectedly. But its okay. I like this movie.
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The story revolves around the progress of their romance, but I don't find it boring at all. But halfway, you wonder if Tsuneo's feelings for Joze was love or sympathy. But then that cleared up after a while.

The movie started with Tsuneo's narration, speaking of Joze as if it was something that happened a while ago. Basically, this story is a flashback.

Ikewaki Chizuru from "Summer Snow" played Joze and Ueno Juri played Kanae. What the hell is wrong with Ueno's eyebrows... Joze is a likable character. Because though she isn't perfect like how people usually like their heroines, she is so... interesting. She doesn't whine about her condition, she accepts it and seeks to improve herself through reading books that are thrown out by her neighbours.
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Yes, this is not your Korean-drama-romance where the girls are perfect and the men are princely. Tsuneo's horny and loves big boobs, like every other male species who is straight. The characters are perfectly realistic and they do things that we can relate to.


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