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It is a common misconception that all Johnny's artists are under the same label. Johnny's Jimusho or Johnny and Associates is just a talent agency. The thing is, it wields great power over its artists and is so influential that it kinda clouded the labels.

Truth is, a large number of these so-called Johnny's groups are under an existing label not owned by Johnny Kitagawa.

SMAP, for one, is under Victor Entertainment, TOKIO is under Universal Music, V6 (and its subgroups) and Tackey & Tsubasa are under avex trax, Kanjani8 is under Teichiku/Imperial Records.

The others, however, are under labels that are very, very Johnny's related. For example, KinKi Kids (and the pair's solo activities) and NewS (and its related group Tegomass, and Yamashita Tomohisa's solo single.) are under Johnny's Entertainment (often mistaken for the name of the talent agency itself. - which is why I use the term 'Johnny's' and not 'JE' to describe the boys.) Arashi used to be signed under Pony Canyon but switched to the J-Storm label very early in their career, Hey! Say! JUMP is also under J-Storm. KAT-TUN is under J-One which is under um, J-Storm. Its complicated shit. I don't bother to delve deeper because I am having classes. Classes are tough shit.

The thing is, I predict that all their coming artists will be signed under their own label. They are going to harvest the profits themselves. I would.

Anyways, I was taking a shower just now and I finally understand why HSJ members got to debut so young.

There is a growing tween market in Japan. There is a demand for a tween MALE idol group. (I am aware that lots of female tweens are being placed under the spotlight earlier on. But that is because females expire quick, so they put them out there before they reach puberty. By the time they do, they'd have expired. They like them young, you see.) Yes, and before HSJ, the youngest debuted Johnny's would be Tegoshi. Tegoshi is my age. Meaning, Tegoshi is old. A younger group would lock on to the younger fans, securing the bread and butter for the next 20 years. By throwing them out there young, they would have a longer shelf life. Yes, by the time they expire, they would have laid a lot of golden eggs, the fans would be more loyal if they watched the artists grow.

And frankly, no non-Johnny's group can match the exposure of Johnny's groups. The group that came the closest to actually being wildly successful is W-inds. Ah... I wonder what happened to them. Last I heard, they are still going. I wouldn't have known.

Now there is Tohoshinki. They are selling more and more. But, they are outsiders nonetheless. So it would be hard.

Oh well.

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