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I think they finished the recording of their upcoming appearance in Utaban. Jun's hair, Nino's hair, Aiba's hair, shows that this piccie is very recent. (Also this piccie is from a magazine and that magazine is freaking recent so even if one is unable to read Japanese, one is most certainly able to tell that this is an upcoming Utaban appearance probably to promote "Step and Go" Oh we can't wait.) My, my isn't this a familiar scene? Arashi members, minus Ohno, is holding back a Nakai who seems to be pissed off. (But we know he loves this shit.)

Its yet another session of Ohno versus Nakai! Oh yeah, its practically tradition or routine or whatever you wanna call it. If Arashi appears on Utaban, be prepared to see Taka-san whisper into Ohno's ears (Cos there's no way in hell sweet Riida is able to come up with those smart, rude remarks himself.) and then Ohno will be a total bitch toward Nakai who would then react to the remarks like a 10-year-old.

This, my friends, is entertainment at its best. We is very excited. We is very looking forward to it.


Behold, its Arashi doing crap! Why am I not surprised? Why am I not dumbfounded by the dumbness that is an Arashi program? Because I freakin' love it.

This is what they are going to do on that Golden time slot that they recently picked up. I fear what I might see. But its not fear alone, its fear and excitement.

We is extremely excited at this point. We is able to predict that we is going to be laughing really loud at 3 a.m..

Yes, all girls ask for is to see hot dudes doing moronic crap. Its simple, really. Even if you aren't THAT hot, if you do stupid crap, girls would be all giggly and happy. Ah, girls are really easily satisfied. (Lol, that was some sarcasm... xD even I can't get through that without think 'yeah, right'.)


Arashi's up and coming single "Step and Go" another upbeat number by the crack boys includes a B-side song that is "Fuyu wo Dakishimete" which is also the theme song for their CM.

We is very happy to see all five boys in ads together. We is actually more excited about the PV.

We is unable to do anything except waiting.

Gosh, waiting is a pain in the ass.

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