[Doc] The Great Happiness Space

This film documents the nightlife at Osaka, Japan. It brings you deep into the nightlife of the hosts in Rakkyo which is a host club and shows you how the hosts get their customers hooked on them and keep them coming back and spend money for their company. The clients of these hosts were also interviewed to show how they are willingly spending money to buy 'love'.

The ironic thing is that these girls basically sleep with other men to buy time with these men... They work as call-girls, or prostitutes, and then they spend money on hosts thinking that one day their favourite host would be their husband. But then women and men are built differently. Men don't go to hostess clubs wanting to marry the hostesses or call girls.

Oh well, at least they're happy. You see, they are desperate for money, so they practice prostitution, then they are unhappy because they practice prostitution, so they buy 'happiness' from these hosts. Then they are desperate for money again. Its a vicious cycle. The girls basically are seeking emotional support from these hosts... its like an addiction.

Its a world that outsiders can only peer in with curiosity, really. No one can really say its right or wrong. It gives you a different perspective on the nightlife jobs, that is for sure.

Oh, no screencaps. Cos... well, run down to the nearest club and peep in, its basically what it is, except all the dudes there are hosts.

*Japanese hosts are like males escorts, they accompany you for a period of time, they charge by the hour, the wine at their club have their prices jacked up because you are buying more than wine. The hostesses are their female counterparts.

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