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Me, going to diss KAT-TUN, about.... say, now... but Nakamaru is excluded, cos its a big mistake, they all said he belonged in NewS - cos I am a really biased bitch and this is my blog, savvy? xD (Its the PMS I tell you. PMS can make me get pissed off at my pillow for being too fat.)

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Ueda: He seriously looks like Vicki B.
Koki: What kind of statement is he trying to make with that pair of glasses? Does he somehow think that its hot?
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I love Macchan. Macchan is good for health. xD
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Kamenashi literally means Tortoise-Pear. Macchan made fun of it every time, and I mean every time Kame appears in Heyx3 even once when Pi appeared on the show. And then Macchan was like 'Kame and Nashi. Its just like Sai(Rhino) and Pineapple or Zou(Elephant) and Mikan(Mandarin)' The name's a combo of an animal and a fruit. xD Macchan attempts to kill with his humour.
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I wonder from whom did Kame learned his stage performance skills. Cos I have never quite seen anything like that. 'Unique' indeed.
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This time, Koki joined in the squatting fest.

Let me... okay, Koki, I can take the thug-poser look when he is acting. (What? I know I should be damned to hell for saying that, but gosh he was cute back when he was Nagase's sidekick in that moronic drama about puddings.) But seriously, the dude is a fuckin' whiner. "Boo-hoo we waited so many years to debut and fuckin' Tegoshi got to debut after 10 months." I bet he went around whining when DoKo put him with the other five who are a wee bit juniors of his. (Oh yeah, from the words of Kame, we derive that he freakin' threw a hissy fit.) All that thug appearance is just for shows. We all know he's a big whiner.


I am just in the mood for it cos he sooo insulted NewS. Normally I won't care for it, but Nishikido is a bitch and I like him because he is a bitch. It makes me feel nicer after seeing how bitchy he is makes me feel like I am really a kind person. So yeah, insulting NewS means that he insulted Nishikido, which means... me no likey.

I think Jin lost some weight. But gosh, he still looks beefy next to Kame, Ueda and the likes. We know, we know, Kame gained some abs, big deal, he's still a freakin' stick. I like them like that though. I like my men skinny. Which explains why I frowned in disgust over those beefy piccies of Nishikido in that whatever magazine.

Its a man thing. Getting all buffed up. I know it is, the ego thing - if you think the only thing men compete with is their lengths... and their cars, and their stereosm you are wrong. If the agency knows what's right, they'd starve those monkeys. Starve them all. Cos skinny sells. Look at them boys, they all started out twiggy and stuff. Then they debuted, they figured maybe they could just rest on their beer bellies and just get fat.

Not cool.

I tried. I tried to at least like them cos most of Johnny's are good for health. Since they are so popular, I thought there's a reason, and so I searched, high and low.

Well, now... I kinda think that its just the songs are good. And that has nothing to do with the members. A good song will sound good by any okay-vocals.

I do think that KAT-TUN has a competitive advantage against the other groups. Never has a Johnny's group be made up of complete sluttiness. I mean, MatsuJun is slutty, but the fluffiness of the other four evened it out.

Jin can sing. (I have to say it again... BUT by Johnny's standards. Think Jin. Then think MatsuJun. Think Koyama. Think Shige. See... Jin can. Just that he ate too much. I bet it affects his vocal chords.)

Oh but I can change. I may wake up tomorrow to have a whole different perspective about why KAT-TUN is famous or I may wake up to like them.

It sucks, being so changeable.

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