[Drama] Tsubasa no Oreta Tenshi-tachi

The title literally means the Angels with Broken Wings and the theme song is "Resistance" by Nakashima Mika. We like Nakashima Mika.

Season 1

Tsubasa no Oreta Tenshi-tachi has two seasons, the first stars Ueto Aya, Horikita Maki, Yamada Yu and Ueno Juri as four girls who messed up in their lives and then got enlightened. Each girl are troubled by either money, regret, ambition and men respectively but eventually found their way back.

Episode 1 - Celeb (Ueto Aya)

Komine Nanako is from a modest background. Like every girl from a modest background, she looks up to the lives of the rich and famous. Nanako works hard everyday, including bedding men, but on a particular day of the week, she is able to live her dream as she becomes one of the special customers of a glamourous clothing shop. Dressed in her best, she visits that shop and befriended the owner who would bring dresses from the fashion capital of Paris just for Nanako. Every week, Nanako would spend her hard earned money on the expensive clothes. That is until one day, she befriended a young rich girl and learned that money cannot always buy happiness.

Episode 2 - Live Chat (Horikita Maki)

In the world of live chat, a girl known as Yuna has a job that requires her to chat to whoever that wanted to chat with her through the webcam. For some reason, this pretty girl is unwilling to go out into the real world and work there, thus she chats with people through a webcam for a living. When she goes out, she hides her face with whatever means possible and is extremely reclusive. That is until one day, a man came and chat with her and gave her encouraging words. She began to brighten up and is starting to be able to raise her head up high when she goes grocery shopping. That is until she found out who the man on the other side of the conversations is...

Episode 3 - Actress (Yamada Yu)

Yoshii Nao had an exchange of angry words with her parents when she decided that her family's doll-making business is not going to be part of her future. Nao had always wanted to be an actress and is prepared to move to Tokyo to try her hand in the acting world. But looking for opportunity is easier said and done as produces and casting directors everywhere decided that she isn't right for any major roles. Sick of being cast as an extra all the time, Nao ventured into the world of AV. Supporting herself by having a job as a hostess and having a hair stylist as an understanding boyfriend, she struggles to hide the AV job that she did. One day, her supposedly senile grandfather reunited with her in Tokyo and changes appear in her life.

Episode 4 - Slot (Ueno Juri)

Ryoko grew up without parents. She found herself being treated horribly by many of her boyfriends yet is willing to do anything just to be loved, such is the behavior of a child that grew up without the love of parents. One day, like any other day, Ryoko went home to see his boyfriend cuddling another girl, as angry as she was, she let it go. The next day she woke up to find her boyfriend gone and a little boy was left in his care. Convinced that this is the boyfriend's child she tried to contact the boyfriend, Kenji but failed. With no choice left, she had to take care of the child for a week, as mentioned by Kenji in a note on the table. Little did she know that this child will change the direction of her life and teach her things that she never knew about herself.

Season 2

This season tells the life changing story of four more young girls. At this point, it becomes a rather repetitive thing and kinda bores the shit out of me but then I have to finish it. And of course there's Oshinari Shugo in the second episode... la~ la~

Episode 1 - Impulse (Ishihara Satomi)

Yuri always sought for means to end her life. With a cold and uncaring single mother whom she thinks doesn't want to see her and her mundane convenience store job, she felt that she has no reason to live. Every time Yuri felt that she has to reason to live, she would climb to the top floor of a particular building and then hang at the corner, it is at that point between life and death that she decides which too choose. One day, a seemingly cheerful young man approaches her over and over again, often at the point where Yuri almost chose death, he saved her from it. Yuri soon learned a whole new perspective of life from the man named Hiroki.

Episode 2 - Sakura (Toda Erika)

Haruka is a girl that is dissatisfied with her poor parents and her father who seems to be too honest and stubborn. Because of her father's honesty, he got fired and the family struggles to send Haruka to university. This is when Haruka decided that she would become a 'Sakura' that is a girl who swindles the geeks at internet cafes. She would juggle a few men and have them buy her gifts which she would resell and earn money from that. By chance - or so she thought - she met Kouki, a handsome young man who is rich and ambitious. Haruka thought that she has found the man of her dreams but...

Episode 3 - Time (Kato Rosa)

Kana is a young competitive swimmer that is under a lot of pressure to be successful in the sport. With pressure from her father (her two siblings are swimming champions) and her coach, she seeks to release her tension by stealing goods for fun. She felt that she never had time for anything as her priority is swimming. One day, as usual, Kana does her theft-therapy at the same convenience story and she was caught by her childhood friend, Daisuke. The string of events that happened later that day will have an effect on her aim to win the competition. Kana slowly learned that she is striving blindly towards an aim that isn't really what she wanted.

Episode 4 - Merchandise (Karina)

Satou Yoshimi became Misaki when she went under the knife, threw away the face that she was born with and thus threw away her past. She became beautiful and is currently the top hostess at a hostess club. Her every wish will be made reality by her client, Maekawa who seeks to fulfill her wishes for his own pleasure. Even though she has many things that she didn't have before, somehow, she felt that something is missing. One evening, after work, she stopped by a pet shop and befriended one of the employees and a puppy at the shop. Slowly, she discovers what is the one thing that she desires most.

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