[Movie] Noriko no Shokutaku


Starring: Fukiishi Kazue, Tsugumi, Yoshitaka Yuriko, Mitsuishi Ken...

Noriko, 17 years old, lived in Toyokawa. Very unhappy and dissatisfied with her family's simple life in a small town. Her father, Tetsuzo, a reporter for a local newsletter that reports trivial things which he believes represent happiness. Mother Taeko is a great painter. Sister Yuka and Noriko were close. The family of four appears to be a happy family, that is until one night, the electricity went off and Noriko was gone, onboard a train, leaving for Tokyo.
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It turns out that Noriko went there to meet a friend she met on the BBS known as Ueno Station 54 or Kumiko. Noriko changed her name to the one she used on the BBS, Mitsuko. Yuka soon followed in her sister's footsteps.
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Confused by their daughters' behavior, Tetsuzo and Taeko embarked on an information search and was close to discovering their whereabouts when Taeko committed suicide. Tetsuzo soon went to Tokyo to search for his daughters. His findings on the organization that is behind his daughters' disappearance was shocking yet did not discourage him to try and get his daughters back.
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And yes... this story is somehow connected to the movie that is "Suicide Circle"...


Holy shit, this is some weird shit that I am watching.

Geez, you get it but you don't. You know? Its... its... freaky.

This story, though connected with the other movie, is another movie by itself, with a different plot and different characters. What connects the two movies is a fine thread only.

But yeah, I like this movie better than the other. This movie shows how a normal, happy family could easily breakdown just like that if a family member took the wrong step or how fragile happiness is.


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