[Movie] Ashita no Watashi no Tsukurikata


Starring: Narumi Riko, Maeda Atsuko...

Juri was in primary school when she met Kanako, the popular girl in class. She realizes that in every class, there is a popular girl and then there is an outcast girl. After Juri came back from a week-long break. Popular girl Kanako's role in the class took a 180 degrees change. On graduation day, Juri and Kanako had an unprecedented talk in the library.
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Kanako talked about how people are merely playing roles everywhere. Juri realized that she too was playing roles, at home, she is the obedient, hardworking daughter, in school she is the friendly, funny girl. Years passed, the girls never had a conversation like so. When the girls were in high school, Juri got news that Kanako is moving away to another prefecture. Juri started sending text messages to Kanako.
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The text messages from Juri or 'Kotori' became like a guide to becoming your average, popular high school girl who is successful in studies, love and socializing to Kanako or 'Hina'. The text messages came back and forth and...
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See, I got lazy again.

Anyways, the tone of the story is not as light as it seems. This movie touches on the topic that has been in my mind for a while. People play parts, roles. What is the 'real' you, IF there is a real you?

I wonder too. Sometimes, I find myself acting a part out in front of people. A part that comes automatically to me, unplanned yet so natural. People are never themselves. Whatever 'themselves' are.

This is a story without a climax or suspense. There is no big message or big twist or whatever, frankly, I don't know what this movie is trying to tell its viewers, but its quite a nice one to enjoy.

Okay, seriously, whatever.

I like this movie. Narumi Riko was 15 in this movie. She doesn't look 15. I had a major shock when I found out she is actually so young. Lol. Never mind.

The other girl is from this group called AKB48 which... I don't think I want to talk about cos... well, its like H!P, now one cannot expect me to talk about H!P now can I? I am not an otaku okay?
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