[Movie] Shimotsuma Monogatari


Starring: Fukada Kyoko, Tsuchiya Anna, Shinohara Ryoko, Koike Eiko...

In Japan, "Yankee" is the name for those who are part of a bikers' gang. They are often seen wearing embroidered overcoats, speaking rudely and fighting a lot.
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Ryugasaki Momoko is a 17-year-old girl who is obsessed with Lolita Fashion. The frilly dresses, parasols, pastel colours, cute things, sweet things were all she cared about. She doesn't care for anyone or anything else - that includes her father and friends.
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One day, she decided that she needed another source of income instead of relying on her ex-Yankee of a father who now sells toys for a living. (He used to sell imitation clothes and bags and was popular with the biker gangs but the popularity led to lawsuits.) So she advertised those leftover imitation goods in a magazine and a respond arrived. She invited the respondent to her house to purchase those goods.
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As she was waiting, a Yankee arrived, her name is Ichigo. (But at first, she disguised her name as Ichiko as it sounded more Yankee-ish.) Soon, Ichigo appeared at Momoko's house more and more often. Before she knew it, Momoko started to care about Ichigo as a friend like she never cared for another before.


I like this movie a lot.
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I can't say why. This movie blends the touching, slow-growing friendship between the two and humour really well. Occasionally inserting animation to fluff up the story. Fukakyon looked really cute in those lolita clothing. I want those! They are so colourful and stuff. Anyways, Tsuchiya Anna still looks beautiful although she had to ugly-fy herself in those clothes and horrible make up.

The two actresses are well-suited to their roles. We all know how cute Fukakyon has always been. And Anna's low voice and her rocker image makes her blend into Ichigo's character really well! Plus there are those rumours... about her... which I don't believe, but it makes her even more believable as Ichigo!
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I love this movie... just saying... xD I watched this movie cos... I haven't watched anything in a while. So I just figured... maybe I should give it a try. Could have been any other movie. But I am glad I picked this.
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4/5 (5/5 is impossible... well, cos there aren't any movies that are 'perfect' for me... yet.)

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