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I saw them I saw them I saw them! Just a few minutes ago I was watching them on the TV!

Jun was on Shokura Premium and I was stalking NHK for an hour before it aired cos I am not sure when it will air on cable because of the time difference and the messed up schedule of my cable service.

And I saw them! I was so excited I took pictures of my TV. I even took a video of it when he was describing the other Arashi members, but I laughed so hard when he talked about Aiba that I decided against uploading it. The quality is horrible anyways.

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Jun talked about the usual stuff that we have heard a hundred times yet are not bored with it, like how Johnny Kitagawa called him to Roppongi for lessons, how Arashi was formed and how the four of them didn't know that Aiba was part of it. xD They left Aiba out and then was kinda told off by the management. xD LOL, but they didn't know! Anyways, yeah.

Did Taichi said Aiba reminds him of an antelope? I couldn't quite catch what they were saying.
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But they performed "Step and Go" and "Happiness". Before they performed each song, Taichi would like adapt the title into their conversations so that when Jun tells the title, Taichi can pretend to be surprised by the 'coincidence' that he planned. For example, Taichi said "Oh ten years from now, I would like to have attained HAPPINESS", then he immediately asked Jun so what is the title of the song you are going to perform? Then Jun would show this reluctant face... xD

Taichi is such a dork.

[Update: Jun did that 'thing' to Ohno again. That thing where he kinda stares at him for a bit with their heads just a few inches apart.]

Oh the purple outfits were dug out of the closet again for this performance of "Happiness", they have another new set of clothes for their performance of "Step and Go". They performed the WHOLE SONG for "Step and Go"! I hope I get to watch it again. T_T
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The comment giver was Nishikido Ryo! Then Ryo talked about how they went for movies and drank champagne and Jun would pay for the whole thing. Uh-huh, I see that he missed out the part where they went to Ryo's room. God knows what the both of them did there. (Oh yeah, Jun did say that Ryo's room is messy.)

Jun then talked about that time where himself, Ryo and Jin went for a drink. What an odd threesome.

When the credits roll, we see Sho flashing his biceps and small clips of the other members.

If I get to watch it again on my PC, I'd put the real caps in another entry. xD

There was a report on Subaru and Hina's stageplay, "Mitei Ichi". It looked hilarious. They talked about how some jokes are funny only to the both of them, and then there was a scene where Subaru dressed as a female Kindergarten kid and then Hina confessed to 'her'.

Next week, there would be appearance by Tonisen of V6, Joushima, Yamaguchi and KinKi Kids (? I think). Then later, Hina would appear and talk about some stuff with Taichi.

Oh well.

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