[Movie] Koisuru Madori


Starring: Aragaki Yui, Matsuda Ryuhei , Kikuchi Rinko...
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A girl named Aoki Yui moved into an apartment to live by herself for the first time after her sister got pregnant and went off for a shotgun marriage. The day she moved into her new apartment, she noticed a man carrying a large couch up the stairs all by himself. It turns out that the man lives in the apartment above hers. And then... err stuff happens.
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Oh yeah, the lady who lives in the house - Atsuko - Yui used to share with her sister happens to be the previous occupant of her current apartment. (Yeah, they basically exchanged.) And Atsuko had something on with the dude who lives above Yui named Takashi. xD
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Err, obviously, I got lazy again. xD

Oh well, Matsuda Ryuhei is in here. His characters are always so... odd. Maybe its cos he looks funny in a hot way. But the story is kinda boring and quite predictable to me.

Its not bad. Its not good. The not bad part might be due to Matsuda Ryuhei.

Aragaki Yui seems to play the same part over and over again. Kikuchi Rinko... is... Kikuchi Rinko.



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