[Single] Kanjani8 - WA HA HA

The Jacket covers are out for Kanjani8's up and coming single titled "WA HA HA".

If you are like me, your reaction right now would probably be "WTF!?".


I hate the LE cover. I hate the RE one too, just not as much.

Well, yeah, I guess they have to be different and all, since KAT-TUN got the slutty label, NewS got the smart label, Arashi got the gay label. Kanjani8 has to settle for the weird label.

I hope its a song like "Sukiyanen, Osaka" I fuckin' love that song like crazeh.

But I hope its not as gay as "Its My Soul". The hotpants, the choreography... OH LETS NOT THINK ABOUT THAT FOR THE MOMENT.

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