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First and foremost, I give you proof of Jun's all-consuming love for Satoshi/Riida/Ohno/Captain/Sammi whatever you want to call him.
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I know right? So sweet! Oh yeah, I didn't make those stuff up in the speech bubble kay? Its just a rough translation of what the magazine editors think they were saying. But truth is, Jun did help Ohno wear that thingie. Whatever that is. This is not the only JunxOhno that I saw in magazine scans, its just that I am too lazy but yeah, too many a time did Jun pull Ohno away from the rest of the group with a threatening arm around Ohno's shoulder to show the world who Ohno belongs to.

But then didn't Nino staked his claim on Ohno in that magazine notice board? I sense a triangle love thing going on. Wait, but Chinen mentioned in almost all of his interview in the magazine for the month of March about how happy that the beginning of 2008 is filled with Ohno's activities and stuff. Oh Ohno is so popular.

Next, really, Nino looks like a girl. I don't know if he just looks like a girl, or he IS a girl going into to Johnny's because she seeks the love of her life and found him in Ohno. Either ways...
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Cut your hair. Okay, don't cut it. Okay, you know? Its not like me saying anything will make a difference. But I like his hair in "Kiiroi Namida". Makes him look closer to his actual age instead of 17 which he isn't.

Lastly, Aiba, there are a lot of things I can forgive him for. A lot. Like those A no Arashi experiments. Like his attempt to fly so as to become the bird man just cos he likes to eat chicken. Like him imitating Kojima Yoshio at the most unsuitable situations. Really, I can forgive him for a lot of things cos he is Aiba. But this...
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I knew when he asked Kojima Yoshio to teach him the gag that something extremely stupid will happen in the near future. I just never thought that it would be Kojima Yoshio, two other dudes, Kokubun Taichi and Aiba dressing up in whatever they think they are dressing up in and doing the Hawaiian dance thingie. With flowers.

I... don't know what is it that they aim to become, these people.

Oh the conclusion of this update is that Jun loves Ohno, Nino is actually a girl and Aiba loves to shake his booty in a skirt made from hay. Seriously, the people that I watch...

That thing in Duet this month where Jun and Ryo went for a combined interview for a second time... I want to see Ohno and Chinen doing that. xD
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That would be cute.

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  1. Seriously, the flower picture scared me x_x. XD

    Since you're watching them so often, you're not finding you're being influenced by them? XD

  2. xD

    There are some lengths of stupidity that even I have not the criteria to go to.

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