[Buzz] Last Friends Drama

Tokyograph reported that Nishikido Ryo will be in a drama starring Nagasawa Masami, Ueno Juri and Eita. Yes, and once again Ryo is just a supporting character.

In fact, Ryo's character is an abusive boyfriend to Nagasawa's character. (Suitable. Very suitable.)

I had high hopes when I heard that Ryo would be in a drama. I thought he'd be like, the lead. I always wanted to watch Ryo in a lead role. Not the boyfriend. Why is Ryo always the boyfriend? Ryo is always the boyfriend to the lead role. Always. And yes, the drama will be heroine-centric.

Look back, "Ganbatte Ikimashoi" boyfriend to Suzuki Ann's character, "1 Littoru no Namida" SawaEri's character's boyfriend, "Attention Please" Ueto Aya's character's boyfriend -not really, but we know its love.

Even in "Teru Teru Kazoku" he played Ishihara Satomi's love interest.

Sigh, I guess Ryo just doesn't have the luck to carry a drama. Even that drunkard Uchi got to carry a drama, even if its only an SP.

Me. Not. Happy.

Oh yeah, the drama will also have Mizukawa Asami. All 5 of the cast, I like or... well, I don't hate. Either ways...

Ryo, abusive boyfriend, violence.

I am excited.

Cos we all know Psycho!Ryo is what made him popular in the first place.

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