[Buzz] When Hina met Erika

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Hina a.k.a. Murakami Shingo of Kanjani8 is rumoured to be dating Toda Erika. Websters all over made jokes about them having hot Kansai sex. The two were apparently spotted together on numerous occasions and various rumours about them taking their relationship really seriously were spread. The two was said to have met on the set of "Arigatou, Okan" probably some tanpatsu drama aired back in October.

Do I like it? TOTALLY. OMFG TOTALLY. Like, have you not noticed that of late, Hina has gotten like really dirrrty sexy hot? I have. I have seen people who think he is ugly and all... but he one of the very few Johnny's with an ounce of manhood in his appearance, seriously. Like... dirrrty sexy hot. All that facial hair. I bet he has some chest hair. Right? Please?

Sure, back in his early days he wasn't like hot and probably a bit noisy. But OMG recently. Very recently. I think he might be the most shaggable in Kanjani8. xD I mean, sure, Ryo's my favourite. But doesn't mean he has to top my list for everything right? I mean... we can tell that Hina has lots of manliness and probably a big manhood. What?

Toda Erika, I like! It is not recently that I like her... was it back when I watched "Death Note"? I read the manga and I liked MisaMisa. Did I? Well, I change a lot, but I liked Toda Erika and I am glad that she is NOT banging one of those sissy wusses from KAT-TUN but Hina. xD She is not all cute and cheerful and happy. That's why I like her. She's not excessively cutesy. One would have expected that Erika will pick a Kansai boy for herself. xD

Oh, I hope they last long enough to make little babies. May the males be as shaggable as Hina and the females as pretty as Erika.


[TV] Odoroki no Arashi 5

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28 December 2008

Also, what I would like to call - The Return of the Stupid 5. xD Anyways, this time, it was a super long show. What was it? Near 3 hours? Was fun though. I haven't laughed like I did watching this for ages. And I have a cold. Can you imagine shifting between coughing and laughing (and I puked today. Must be the food I ate. T_T)? It is very tiring and bad for the lungs. Because it is the holidays and I am busy socializing with people in real life, TV people will have to be watched (and blogged about) tonight. I know it's not like I HAVE to blog about them. But this blog is like... I love it. I made it all nice and organized, I want to maintain it like I should. So I am doing as many as possible tonight and then I will go celebrate the new year with... the idea of going home to watch the Johnny's Countdown. xD It is 3:17 a.m. and I am here, blogging.
Sometimes, I don't know why I watch these people. But I am pretty sure that if I was at a public toilet and they have an Arashi picture plastered at the door, I'd just stand there and stare and it for a couple of minutes and take a picture of it. During the intro, Jun and Nino were dissatisfied that they had to do such stupid things at the end of the year. Ohno and Aiba were the two that were all smiles and claimed that they had fun.
First experiment (Ohno and Jun): If dominoes of different sizes are lined up, would it be faster if you knocked them down from the larger ones or the smaller ones? SO STUPID. Like, seriously. xD When they had to rearrange the dominoes, and AD Fujita accidentally used his ass to topple the dominoes and Ohno just ran for his life. xD Quick reflexes.
Second experiment (Ohno and Jun): Would it make a difference on how wet you get if you run in the rain or walk in the rain? Who cares?! But it was kinda funny, MatsuJun's running and Ohno's cool-man walk. xD Jun was making really ugly faces when he was running. xD Not very easy on the eyes. They were using super absorbant suits so that they can weight themselves to see if there is a difference. Jun is close to 63 kgs and Ohno is 57 kgs. xD OMG Ohno gained! xD He is like... 12 kgs heavier than me. xDDD And just when I thought I had a chance to win a fight with him... When Ohno was walking in the rain, it looked kinda sad. And they played Endless Rain by X JAPAN. This was when I just ROTFL. xD OMFG So funny. When they prolonged the time they go under the rain and increased the amount of rain... and when it was Ohno's turn, they played the damn song again. xD Of course it struck the same funny nerve. xD

In studio: They played around with vacuum space and various goods placed in such a situation. I think it was vacuum. Not sure. They used some sort of liquid, daifuku and cake. Was kinda fun. I wish I was paid to do crap like that.
Third experiment (Sho and Jun): Can a man fly with a hot-air balloon made from newspaper? Sho was forced to ride on such a fragile balloon again - that is if it could fly. Which... it didn't quite. And to see Sho smile when months of staff's efforts are wasted... you want to throw your booger at him. Because Sho's name is kinda related to "soaring high in the air"... it is kinda ironic, really. And when he was trying to get out of it, Jun was like... "What is your name again? Do you want to be Sakurai Un-Sho?!" xD (Un... as in.. UNfair) When the balloon ripped, they played "Sen no Kaze ni Natte" xD The soundtrack for this show is... the shit. Totally the shit. Suits the situation perfectly.
Fourth experiment (Aiba and Jun): If a lot of trumpet-players play a single note from a song each and have them lined up accordingly and if you drive past them, can you hear the song being played? This was fun. This was totally cool. They played that Ponyo song. It was cool that they could actually hear it. They had some insert experiments before the main thing. xD They had a choir group sing "Cutie Honey" into 8 different paper cups which are joined at one end with ONE paper cup and tested if they could hear anything. I am always a bit more tough when I comment on Jun... and I have to say, recently, he is fucking adorable. You want to squeeze his cheeks and have him throw booger at your annoying neighbour. In here, when he was like "Flash"... xD cute. And I swear, it will be another year before I call him that again. They also attached a siren on a racing car to check out the sound it makes.
Fifth experiment (Ohno and Nino): Would water different types of plants with coloured water cause the plants to change their colours? Uh, this was the most boring. Despite the Ohmiya. They also made melons cute and stuff.

Sixth experiment (Sho and Aiba): Can you ride a boat made from seaweed (konbu) for 7 kilometres? xD This was to be the last episode of the boat-series. Kinda sad. It wasn't as funny as the previous one. The previous one had me howling like a hyena in the wee hours of the morning. The boat was a bit fragile albeit light and speedy. And Sho, the supposed captain had the crew eating lunch not an hour from the time of departure. What is he? Like stupid? xD I am sorry to put it so bluntly, but... xD I choked on my saliva because I was laughing too hard. Near the end, the boat was nowhere to be seen as the four pathetic men floated in the sea. And Sho's second secret weapon was not even out yet. (The first being the stupid sail-ish thing and the second being boating athletes.)
When they were discussing the reasons for the sudden sinking, Aiba was like blaming it all on Takeda. xD Nino, the vengeful one, dug up ancient history about how the previous boat was actually dragged for a certain distance, not rowed. They made Sho apologize. Sho then wanted to do it again and Arashi members were making a lot of noise. That might have been the highlight of the show.
Extra (Aiba and Nino): Aiba's Mirrorman!!! DUM DUM DUM DUM. xD And it was a success! First he managed to hide himself amongst a forest full of red leaves. Next, among Christmas lights. He was lying near to a pool of lights and was instructed to move suddenly and that shocked a passerby. This was like... xDDDDDDDD
Extra (Ohno and Sho): Can Yatterman's Dokuro smoke be produced without CGI? Epic Fail. But they played a trailer for Yatterman! I wanna watch.