[Buzz] 2008 Oricon Yearly Singles Chart

1) Arashi - truth/Kaze no Mukou e (618,229)
2) Arashi - One Love (524,269)
3) Southern All Stars - I AM YOUR SINGER (520,289)
4) GReeeeN - KISEKI (493,259)
5) Shuchishin - Shuchishin (472,414)
6) Mr.Children - HANABI (468,971)
7) Thelma Aoyama feat. SoulJa - Soba ni Iru ne (456,479)
8) KAT-TUN - DON'T U EVER STOP (447,229)
9) KAT-TUN - LIPS (421,902)
10) Arashi - Beautiful days (421,876)
11) Kanjani8 - Musekinin Hero (385,016)
12) Arashi - Step and Go (374,449)
18) Namie Amuro - 60s 70s 80s (293,097)
19) NEWS - Taiyou no Namida (291,447)
21) Hey! Say! JUMP - Mayonaka no Shadow Boy (266,193)
22) Jero - Umiyuki (260,716)
23) NEWS - SUMMER TIME (258,820)
24) KAT-TUN - White X'mas (250,106)
25) Hey! Say! JUMP - Dreams Come True (249,024)
26) NEWS - Happy Birthday (239,245)
27) Kanjani8 - Wahaha (229,094)
28) KinKi Kids - Secret Code (223,451)
29) Kobukuro - Toki no Ashioto (214,560)
31) Hey! Say! JUMP - Your Seed (208,113)
32) B'z - BURN -Fumetsu no Face- (194,970)
33) Ayumi Hamasaki - Mirrorcle World (193,016)
34) Aqua Timez - Niji (192,531)
35) SMAP - Dangan Fighter (173,586)
36) Masaharu Fukuyama - Sou -new love new world- (162,653)
39) SMAP - Sonomama/White Message (158,837)
42) ayaka x Kobukuro - Anata to (148,573)
43) V6 - way of life (143,599)
45) Angela Aki - Tegami ~Haikei Jugo no Kimi e~ (139,755)
46) Kumi Koda - MOON (138,446)
47) Perfume - love the world (135,295)
48) L'Arc~en~Ciel - NEXUS 4/SHINE (135,295)
49) SMAP - Kono Toki, Kitto Yume Janai (132,197)
51) Maizu Tsukasa - No More
52) L'Arc~en~Ciel - Drink it Down
58) Glay - Verb
60) YUI - Summer Song
61) YUI - Namidairo
64) TegoMass - Aiaigasa
65) Akikawa Masafumi - Sen no Kaze ni Natte
67) aiko - KissHug
68) Orange Range - O2
69) V6 - Light in your heart/Swing
70) KOH+ - Sai ai
71) V6 - Chou
73) Tohoshinki - Beautiful You/Sennen Koiuta
74) 244 Endli-x - Kurikaesu Haru
78) Tohoshinki - Doushite Kimi ni Suki ni Natte Shimattandarou
80) Perfume - Dream Fighter
81) Glay - Aka to Kuro no Matadora/I Love You wo Sagashiteru
84) Takki & Tsubasa - Koiuta/Progress
85) Pornografitti - Anata ga Koko ni Iitara
86) Koda Kumi - Taboo
87) T.M.Revolution - Resonance
88) Aragaki Yui - Make My Day
91) Tohoshinki - Jumon -Mirotic-
92) Yuzu - Story
95) Utada Hikaru - Prisoner of Love

Listed are only the ones I like and Johnny's are in bold because they probably placed a spell on me and I am under their influence against my will, really.

Well, I am quite happy NOT because Arashi topped the list, but because KAT-TUN is no longer the best selling group in Johnny's. It is not that I like Arashi that much but that I hate KAT-TUN that much. xD

Strange, cos I could have sweared that I liked them at one point. I have to admit that they have released GREAT songs in the past. The most recent one was crap though.

The fall of SMAP. None of their singes sold over 200k copies. They had their time, it has passed, if they know what is good for them they'd retire now that they are still making it into the list. Retire while you're on top, then you'll be a legend. Retire in your decline, you'll be a loser. xD

I thought V6's Chou could have sold a bit more, it was a good song. Sigh oh well. And even DoTs's solo single sold more than Takki & Tsubasa's single. It is... mind boggling, really. Also shows that no matter how popular you were as a junior... it doesn't guarantee your single sales.

Utada Hikaru released her album with the song Prisoner of Love in it before releasing it as a single later. And it still made the list. I am in awe. She is that loved.

Akikawa Masafumi's single which previously topped the list the year before is still charting. We are amazed.

Earlier in the year, I thought that Aoyama Thelma's Soba ni Iru ne would top the list because of all the fuss.

I hope Arashi does their top single of the year justice and perform Truth and Kaze no Mukou e instead of that One Love. It is over performed, just because Jun needs to be in the spotlight.

You'd think that Pi's legions of fangirl army would propel NewS' sales... and now Kanjani8 is selling more. I am happy. I mean, they were like... really looked down upon just because they are from Kansai and probably talks funny and are desperate for attention, but at least they're not like all "I am so great, y'all wanna bang me but I am too great for your banging." like that. But sometimes, Ryo emits that Pi/Jin aura. But I am still favouring him because I have great memories of Haruto.

I watched the entire FNS show and also Best Artists. And I have one thing to say. Kame, Jun and that newest addition to the twirly gang, Takaki are all KimuTaku wannabes. And I don't blame them. But... there are better people to learn from. People who are less twirly. I mean, I look at their actions and I want to laugh because they think that its cool, at times, it is just very... strange and overdone. Nothing overdone is good.

Clearly the economic turmoil is affecting Japan as the highest selling single sold only 618229. It is not even close to the million mark.

GReeeeN sold great. Very amazing for people whose face I haven't seen once. xDDD Not that I need to know their faces for them to sell, but you know.... you know right? Nvm. But they wrote weeeek for NewS and it sold well. They are great.

8 Johnny's singles in the top 20, 4 of them Arashi. 5 singles in the top 10, 3 of them Arashi, 2 of them KAT-TUN.

My favourite and my most hated, both doing so well.

I am not proud though. I am not saying that I am proud. What am I? Their mother? I don't earn a cent from their success. I am glad, but not proud. I lost a much loved headband of mine, I am actually quite pissed.

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