[Buzz] Eff You Casting Directors

I just found out that Maruyama Ryuhei of Kanjani8 will be in Ohno's "Uta no Oniisan". I know who to blame if I get annoyed out of watching it. I know who to blame if ratings are worse than "Maou". Seriously, why him?

I do not just hate him because I hate him. I mean, have you seen him during performances? So annoying and trying to get all the spotlight. Sure, he is spotlight deprived and stuff, but I would think that he doesn't look too bad if he just... be normal and cool. Like, why is he doing that overacting crap? It annoys me. And why is he in Ohno's drama?

If there is a reason why I don't like to watch Kanjani8's performances anymore... there it is. Maruyama Ryuhei. But it is not like I wish he isn't in the group, you know? The group is what it is. No point wishing for members to be omitted/included. I just would like the group better if he tones it down just a notch or two.

Seriously. It is like, he is trying so hard to be funny, I wonder what his definition of funny is. Perhaps it is being annoying with exaggerated expressions and be really uncool, perhaps I'll get some chicks to bang if I do that. You know, chicks like them lame and fat.

Oh yeah, he is fat. Well, I guess he got some weight off him over the period where I stopped watching Janiben. God knows.

Why "Uta no Oniisan"?!?! Why Maruyama?! I mean, are there no more people from Johnny's that are willing to play second fiddle to Ohno? Ohno is great, he has exhibitions and he aims to own a bakery one day. Is that not great? xD

Oh, I guess they need Maruyama because, like, his parents are bodybuilders and they can protect him from the jealous lover that is Nino. Ah~ I see.

T_T I am still not happy with it. But I will have to watch it to say if he ruined it. Yes, I am making judgments before I watch the drama. I am entitled to. I anticipated the drama until... like... now.

On happier news about the drama... Katase Nana! Prettiness! xD Can she be like, Ohno's love interest? Please? Pretty please?

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