[SP] Myuu no Anyo Papa ni Ageru


Starring: Matsumoto Jun, Karina, Hatakeyama Rina...
The one-part drama opens with a happy family eating breakfast but later flashes back to the past when the family was not as picture-perfect as the present. Although the father, Yamaguchi Hayato is physically challenged, he faces life bravely as he narrates his story from the beginning. Hayato explains that the reason he could go on living with a smile plastered on his face is due to the support that he got from his beloved daughter Myuu and his pretty wife, Aya.
The drama slips back to 6 years ago, when Hayato was a healthy university student who was active in baseball and worked part time at a karaoke place. That was when he fell in love at first sight with Aya, a customer at his workplace. Young and brash, Hayato did not hesitate in his pursuit of Aya and eventually won her over despite a rather odd beginning to their relationship.
Hayato knocked Aya up not long into their relationship and made a promise to their parents that he would work hard to save up to 1 milllion yen before the birth of their child and he kept his promise as he gained a baby daughter named Myuu. They finally became a family as Hayato continued to work harder to support the family.
Their happiness did not last long as Hayato found that his limbs were mulfunctioning. A body check led to the discovery that he has Chronic inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy which means that his nervous system is affecting the movements of his body. Or something. I'm no doctor. Hayato was cooperative in all sorts of the different treatment programs the doctor suggest but eventually lost the drive in him as it gets harder and harder for him to move his limbs. Hayato found renewed motivation and decided to face the future bravely with a smile on his face after Myuu offered to give her dad her own legs.

If MatsuJun and Karina hooked up in real life it would be like Brangelina, only way younger and no scorned ex-wife involved, oh and I would like this couple. I am not the biggest Brangelina fan because I grew up watching "Friends". Besides Brad is old now, like have you seen how they tried to make him look like he was in "Meet Joe Black" again but failed oh-so-miserably in "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button"? (Ah ha! I watch movies that are non-Japanese too. Who would've thought?) He looked like a freakin mannequin from all the make-up. xD Failed efforts. Time does not wait for anyone, not even Brad Pitt.

And if MatsuJun's sperm and Karina's egg were to merge, the kid would look better than that. I am thinking somewhere along the lines of the most beautiful porcelain doll you have ever seen. I exaggerate. xD Jun is not THAT hot, but Karina is. Her hotness evens things out. xD

Jun had everyone deceived, trying to play the happy, loving, cheerful daddy. He couldn't trick me though. I see him for the gay Do-S midget-fancier that he is. xD I kid. I read that it was based on the true story of a man who really was sick. There were some heartfelt, warm moments. I guess this is worth the time. This is part of the 24Hr TV even which was held back in August last year. I watched it a while back, but you see... I didn't quite bother.

Until recently, I watched "Kimi wa Petto" again. So I was kinda in a MatsuJun mood. A noble effort on MatsuJun's part to play a physically challenged man. It is not an easy role to play. At least far more difficult than any of his other roles where all he had to do was walk around and be arrogant. There wasn't much emphasis on Karina's character though, she was just playing the supporting wife who was meant to be outshone by Jun's character. Karina was just there to look pretty. The kid just had to act all cutesy and smile and talk in a high pitched voice.

Can you tell that I really hate kids?

I hate kids.

Last entry for the next few days. ^^ As tradition has it, people who celebrate the Lunar New Year will have a feast on New Year's Eve. We eat like we don't know what the eff 'carbs' and 'fat' and 'cholesterol' is. Whatever comes next, we worry later.

Reitings: 3.5/5

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