[Drama] Lunch no Joou

Summer 2002

Episodes: 12

Starring: Takeuchi Yuko, Eguchi Yosuke, Tsumabuki Satoshi, Ito Misaki, Yamashita Tomohisa, Yamada Takayuki, Eita, Morita Go, Tsutsumi Shinichi...
Mugita Natsumi is a pretty young waitress who loves lunch time and the Omurice at a restaurant named Kitchen Macaroni. To her, lunch is like hope for the working class. (a bit of an exaggeration but her words, not mine.) She came to work at Kitchen Macaroni after a strange series involving the eldest son of the owner of the restaurant who tricks Natsumi into tricking his family with him. Posing as the fiancee of Kenichiro, Natsumi meets his family but was left behind when Kenichiro escaped with the family's hard-earned money.
Natsumi later convinced the stern second son of the family and head chef of the restaurant Yujiro to let her stay and work with them while waiting for the return of Kenichiro. She did so with the help of Junzaburo, the third son.
During her stint there, she achieved rapport with the family who takes to her very soon. The three brothers Yujiro, Junzaburo and Koshiro also developed a strange fixation on Natsumi but refrained from taking actions as they thought she was actually the fiancee of their eldest brother.
Well, actually, some of them did try to get it on, namely Koshiro, the playboy, flirty, straightforward youngest son who is still a highschool student. Junzaburo on the other hand was shy but probably was the most attached to Natsumi and he helped her throughout the way. Junzaburo is also the most passionate about his job as a chef. Yujiro took to her the slowest, his hard outlook was probably used to intimidate but actually he is a real softy inside. Well... or something like that.
Oh yeah, Junzaburo, really cute.


I heart Tsumabuki Satoshi in this. Heart heart heart. What? Bite me for fangirling. Geez. He is seriously adorable in this. So young and... adorable. I first watched this when I was in my Pi-phase. Yes, I had a Pi phase, it happened a long list of phases ago, but hey, I remember that it was there. I probably have another entry for this drama stashed somewhere in this blog or another blog or somewhere else. But it was a long time ago. So I thought I'd do this again just for the heck of it.

It is a fun family drama. Sorta like a gyaku-harem. We love gyaku-harem. Love, love, love. Not to mention the brothers (minus the eldest, I couldn't stand the eldest) are all so... diverse and have their own strengths. xD Underneath all the snippets of humour, there's a heartfelt bond within the family (minus the eldest, again) and their passion for their restaurant is admirable. And for them to take Natsumi into the family just like that. xD Well, it is a drama. Without Natsumi, there wouldn't be a drama to start with.

When the patriarchal figure, their dad, passed on after playing catchball with Koshiro for the first ime. And it was Koshiro who walked away from the game to go on a date, it kinda hit me a bit. The next time you meet with anyone might be the last time and that we shouldn't take anything for granted. But that is really difficult because there are too many things, too many people to spend time with. But it was so sudden and sad. T_T

How could Natsumi be so oblivious about the brothers' feelings, that, I don't get. She's one of those girls that seduce men in a not-so-obvious way and then act innocent when the men are hurt because of her refusal. xD But I heart Takeuchi Yuko + Tsumabuki Satoshi althought Tsumabuki is actually with Shibasaki Kou in real life. Takeuchi looks adorable in here too. xD So does Pi. They all look so young and... young. Well, Yamada Takayuki needed a haircut badly though.

I found it HILARIOUS when Koshiro used the line made famous by KimuTaku's Osamu in "Asunaro Hakusho". Koshiro went "Ore jya dame na no?" on Natsumi. I LOLLED. I am not sure if it was meant to remind viewers of "Asunaro Hakusho" but it sure did remind me of it. And the fact that Pi's like a skeletal figure here~ xD and that blonde hair. Ah~ the days when I liked Pi~ What nostalgia~

xD And it just occured to me that Yamada, Pi and Tsumabuki all appeared in "Long Love Letter" as well eh? xD

One more thing. Morita Go's appearance in this drama as a badass. I have never seen a role more suitable for him than this. Really. I had a thing for Morita Go too. xD

Reitings: 4/5

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