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3 January 2009

... I... don't know what to say about this. I mean... like... I... I thought that these people were Johnny's, therefore idols. You know? I thought they had an image to maintain, a reputation to uphold. What the hell are they doing? I don't think this is something that one should miss. It is... like... stupid.

So, at first, during the introduction, they got Arashi to dress like ninjas of sorts and they came out in a rotating thingie. And when it was rotating, Ohno got stuck and was left out of the intro as the hosts celebrate the arrival of Arashi. They performed a bit of "A.RA.SHI" without Ohno and no one seemed to have noticed. That was when the camera caught Ohno looking oh-so-pathetic through a small opening at the side of the set. He was so forgotten. xD
Then they played a strange game on another rotating thingie where a person would name a colour and a category and the next person would have to name something of that colour in that category. If someone fails to name something of said colour in said category, they would have to do a tug-of-war and if they failed to win against this really creepy looking dude, they would fall into a pool of... white powderish thing. Aiba was the first to fall. Remember "Haneru no Tobira" where Ohnoman was invented? Well, we have Aibaman right here. Oh yeah, Arashi got to fail miserably in front of several dozens of Arashi fans. What a glorious moment! If you look carefully at the uchiwas... there were a lot of Aiba were they not? I didn't know that he is that popular. But I have a thing for things being... numerically equal. If I had the authority, I'll ensure the same number of uchiwas for each member. xD It is only fair.
I have to say, their hair... xD their hair. Nino's wig-thingie took ten years off him just like that. Jun looks 16 again. But Sho and Aiba... well, they look all sorts of hotness, but not at their best. Not that any of them looked their best here. It is just a question of suitability. I have a thing for men in traditional outfits. It brings out the sexy in them. xD Ohno... I think his hair is just a joke. xD I choked a bit the first time I laid eyes on it.
Not a minute after Aiba was powdered white, Jun faced the same thing. xD He was just dragged into the pool of powder like BAM. xD All his 'coolness' and 'macho-ness' went down the drain and into the Amazon and was never seen again. When the rest saw him, they were like "Huh? Is that MatsuJun?!" xD Well, I was shocked that he could look so... not hot. xD Not that I ever thought that he was all hot. Later, Jun was like "Dude, it ain't fair. Y'all should git yer asses on VSArashi. We'll kick yer asses."

Nino was next to get powdered. It was tragic. So tragic. Nino was unpleased, xD he didn't even try to hide it. xD He was all "I knew we shouldn't have gotten on to this damn show. This is the worst!" xD Oh... angry little midget. We are very frightened.
Well, at least one of the hosts lost the next turn. xD When Arashi members got powdered, the fans cheered, screamed and all that but when one of the opposition team member got powdered it was pure silence.
Sho was powdered next. Sho's shocked face was a winner. His face... OMFG the look in his eyes. xDDD Surprisingly, Ohno was the last member of Arashi left that is unpowdered. We are most proud. But the others forgot about Ohno... they were like "Damn ALL of us got powdered. We are most pissed." xD And Ohno was there, in the background, looking all sorts of dejected. Although Ohno didn't lose in the game, they made him do the tug-of-war with creepy dude as well. SO UNFAIR.
I feel bad for Ohno. See, Tamori was right. Ohno IS bullied by the members. T_T Poor thing. Evil members. He tried to run but was dragged back. He was thrown down into the pool and had powder thrown at his face. WHY?

He started to throw powder at the fans. xD Oh... is that the return of Ohnoman? When he took the wig/chonmage off, he looks... adorable. Ohno = short hair. Always. I didn't even like the Maou hair. xD It HAS to be short. xD His face is so... round and white. OMG I want him in a cage. Like a guinea pig.

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  1. i like the last screencap~~ sooooo cute

  2. The last screencap..so cute hamsterlike!!!!

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