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10 January 2009

Yokoyama Yu, I sorta heart you.
xD What? This is a much needed Arashi break. Until next Monday, I don't even want to look upon the face of another Arashi member, really. (Well... MAYBE. xD Uta no Onii-san will start airing... and you see... there's my desktop wallpaper and my phone wallpaper...) And I am reminded of why I liked Kanjani8 that much. xD Ah it was a long time ago.

I like Yoko's deadpan humour a lot. This episode is packed with it.
This episode features Yoko and Maru out looking for big trees, fat trees with an interesting tree-lover old geezer. The shit that came out of Yoko's mouth, and Maru... when he is not overacting, I tell you... xDDD To think, I was considering to throw this episode out. xD Thank goodness I didn't. After this entry, I will scoot off to go and watch Gossip Girl. xD

This is the first episode of the year and the members half expected the evil talking can to stop appearing... well, the can stays. We start the episode with a bit of crap talk about new year and the members' activities during new year's day.
The boys set out to look for the fattest tree in Tokyo. (Boys namely Maru and Yoko.) Old Geezer can communicate with trees. When they reached the first tree, Yoko asked if he felt anything and the old man was like saying the tree was happy cos young people came to see it. xD Old man then made Yoko talk to the tree, which he did. The reaction was... a bit off. Oh well. He introduced himself to a tree. xD I am in awe at the stupidity.

The second tree is a bit famous. Apparently 17 samurai-type-people performed the seppuku (better known as harakiri) here. Creepy. Yoko then asked the tree to work hard (living) and asked if the tree is happy. xD The old man was all "Yeah, you can tell eh? It is!" And they made talking to trees seem normal.
On the way to visit the third tree, the two spoke gibberish on the cable car. When they got off the cable car, they were saying how the air is different there and Yoko was like "Yeah, we can tell the difference despite being the idiots that we are." And the old man was like "Idiots can feel it better!" xD I salute old man. xDDD Then they walked pass a house with a sign "Maruyama" and they were like saying how it could be a relative of Maru living there. When an old man walked out from it, they asked if he is "Maruyama". And Maru went and shook the man's hand. xDDDD This sent the members in the studio ROTFL. Maru was like "We finally meet." xD
The third tree's circumference measured 9 m 96 cm. That's... big. Next was a tree that was formed by three trees that was joined together after long years of... uh... touching. In a non-nasty way. They're trees. The tree is freakin' 7 centuries old. =O Now if only I get to live that long.

Finally, they went to a tree that grew on its own, without human beings planting and nurturing it. It is located in the mountains and there was risk of running into bears. And then they called the tree a "hottie". (They used the words 'bijin'. That was what the Japanese occupants called my maternal grandma. Or so, my mom says.) They talked to the tree again. Yoko was touching the tree and then claimed the tree welcomed him back. He then added that the tree probably mistook him for someone else. xD I LOLled here big time.
I hate to say it, but if I had to watch Ohkura being interviewed, I think I'll fall asleep within 10 minutes.

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