[TV] VS Arashi

10 January 2009
NOT the SP.

I cannot find the damn SP. T_T I want the damn SP.
This is just the introduction to the SP which will be aired the night this show was aired. So they introduced the various teams who went on the show. Of course, they mentioned the previous SP in which Sho failed big time... I don't quite remember. Perhaps I shall watch it again? After I found this new SP though.
The athlete team is great. There's Tomita Hiroyuki. I watched this man in two Olympics! I mean, to watch him on such a world class stage and then watch him in... well... this show... it is a bit... WOW. I mean, it is Arashi. And have you seen the muscles on Tomita? Have you seen Nino's biceps? I believe that Arashi has perhaps deviced strategies to overcome the muscles. Perhaps seduce him with midget-sex? Possible. There is this really cute bald dude in this team who was like "Nah, we don't really have to bother about the comedian team..." which is true.
The comedian team is... xD Well, there's Tutorial, the Nabeatsu dude, Miyagawa Daisuke and Marie and several others. And the majority of the members are in their late 30s to early 40s besides Marie and Tutorial - as Nino pointed out. xD I always thought life ended at 40. xD One of them threatened to take the 'kaze' away from Arashi... or something. Miyagawa threatened to take a bath with all of them. xD They all like midget sex... Okay, you know, you cannot call Aiba a midget. Let me see... uh... we'll settle the use-of-words later. Marie wants to go home... xD well, she isn't really a comedian now is she.
There will be five games. Uh~ yeah. They added improvements to the games which I am too lazy to really describe. Besides, everyone will watch it. So there is no point. This time, they'll bring the falling pipe game to the people from Mecha Ike and Code Blue. Sho said "CORD Blue" so they made him apologize. Again. xD If I get ten bucks for everytime he apologizes.
They then decided on who's doing what. xD Sorta like a battle formation/strategy kinda thing. Sorta like SunTzu's "Art of War". *Smacked* Okay, it is not like that. But I do want to find that book. In English, of course. They decided that Jun and Nino would go for the catching and Ohno and Sho would do the choosing for Falling Pipe. Wait? Choice Ouji would not do the choosing? xD But he has better reflexes. For Pinball Runner, Aiba would do the running and supporting would be Jun and Nino. Jumping Shooter - the most energy consuming one, they have Jun and Aiba who practically begged for the role. Goal keepers Sho and Nino. Cliff Climb they have Ohno doing the climbing. They had to adapt to Ohno's ability to focus. xD They love their leader, besides, Nino and Jun are very protective of him... and with the two Do-S as his bodyguards, they others have little incentive to object. Jun and Aiba will support him by throwing him the thingies. xD Then the participants for the second round will be decided later. For the Rolling Coin Tower, Sho should be banned.
xD They made Ohno talk again. Seriously? Is that the smartest idea to let the old man with alzheimer's talk? He was all "We're spending 2 million yen for the winner, lets stop them from having it!" xD The response was... total silence.
PLEASE, let me find it before I go to sleep tonight? xD
P.S. I haven't watched the entire show yet. All I found is the part with Pi and surprisingly, the robotic one is not... expressionless. This might be caused by 3 reasons:
a) The robotic one is not entirely robot.
b) The robotic one is modified or replaced with a model that can make expressions. Ah technology is great.
c) Uh... Pi got some last night. xD

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  2. Hey, you can find the special on sableheart's vox. She has it there :)

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