[CDTV] Flumpool - Over The Rain ~Hikari no Hashi~

1 January 2009

I hope this band stays active for a long time to come and release songs that are as good as the ones released. And... I forgot their names already, but hey, sure the vocalist is cute and the drummer looks cool and all, but it is all about the music. I've got Johnny's to cover for the fanservice+pretty department.
What I noticed is that unlike Japanese bands of like... say... the 90s, this band does not write its own songs. Also, they got so well known so fast. And no, the time when the band was known as something else and not flumpool doesn't count. I know the f in the name is not supposed to be a capital letter, but it somehow seems... wrong to me. I change lyrics in Japanese songs and correct the grammatical mistakes when I sing along. xD I'm like that.
I like the name, because it is unique. Try googling for like say... "news" or "v6" and you'll understand what I mean. It is super annoying when you have to sift through the thousands of results. I know, you can type the name of the members to reduce the number of results, but that is very annoying.
This song is the theme for the drama "Bloody Monday" starring Miura Haruma. Though I was a bit curious about it because it stars Miura Haruma the title seems so... bloody, I was a bit turned off by the plot. Cybercrime, hackers, computer geniuses. Yeah, sure. But the song, oh the song...
The vocalist... Ryuuta is it? Yeah, his vocals are not bad. Quite powerful. But does it not seem like he is struggling a bit too hard when he sings? Perhaps it is just the performance thing. Like how that dude from Yuzu looks very excited when he sings. I recently found out that the dude in the drama "Innocent Love" is the same dude from Yuzu! I hunted for the drama when I found that out. I mean, the corny title was a no-no for me. What innocent love? Really, so does it mean the love is platonic or are they 5? Cos Yuzu dude is NOT 5... so he doesn't have libido? *snort* Innocent love... LOL.

Photobucket was pissing me off like crazy, thus reducing the number of screencaps and blog entries. xD And of course there is a thing called... real life. xD

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  1. no veo el link de descarga o que tengo que hacer pa desacargarlo, es mi grupo favorito y la sarie bloody monday la vi toda, saludos...

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