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Uh... I was bored. And happy. Reason for said happiness will be confirmed Friday. NVM that, private stuff, not quite anything to do with uh... this blog. But I have decided that hair is important and hot people with bad hair might not be that hot and unhot people with good hair might be quite hot.

So, moving on, I have chosen my favourite and least favourite hairstyles for each Arashi member. DUH, like who else will I go through so much trouble, sorting out so many videos to screencap their hair? Okay, like, I don't really feel like going through ALL the videos because it would probably take 3 months to do that. I am doing this from memory. xD Also, I didn't really refer to their earlier hairstyles because, like, uh~ I... might be lazy. But I did for Ohno because, like his hair has not seen a lot of changes in recent years until... Maou.

So~ I'll start with Sho because his hair is at its best shape and colour. I am thinking nasty thoughts. What? He is at his hottest ever! I think he should have man-bangs/fringe/whatever. And look at the second picture with the centre parting. I hate to say it, but he should hide his forehead. I hide my forehead like there's a national secret in there.

MatsuJun's hair has been through A LOT. And I am not sure which one is the best, but the worst one, I can think of one. A distinct one. But I like his hair long like the first picture. I think his extensions around 2006 in "Aozora Pedaru" wasn't bad either. He is THAT much of a girl. xD I hate his Domyouji Tsukasa in Hanadan 1 hair. After that, it was bearable. But this Hanadan 1 hair is... I don't like.

Ohno. I love his hair when "Happiness" was released. A bit lighter than his natural black, straight and standing up. Makes him look very young and young is good. As long as it is not younger than ME. When he was starting out, he looked like a 30-year-old woman whose husband has a mistress and she would just quietly accept her fate as though nothing happened. xD

Aiba's hair near the end of 2007 was great. I loved it right before he chopped it off for "Step and Go". It was side parted, it was long but short and it was straight but curled. xD I like the "Step and Go" hair too, but I like this one better. His bleached blonde, roots showing, short, centre-parted hair was a nightmare for me. It makes him look a bit uh... dumber than he usually is. Or something.

Nino looks best after he chopped his long, frizzy hair off last year. Around the 2nd or 3rd or 4th episode of "Himitsu no Arashi-chan". It was refreshing because his long hair made him look worn out and refugee like and older. The short one that came right after that was like... a block of ice which you found in the middle of a desert. I dislike his hair in "Sakura Sake" PV. It looks heavy and thick and all sorts of annoying. WIG ALERT. As told by... uh a commenter. Must be for that "Sukoshi wa..." drama. Doesn't change the fact that he agreed to put that thing on his head. xP Shouldn've worn that hat/wig wthing he wore during filming of D no Arashi (or was it G?) regular shows. xD I really hate that hair. Like really.

Okay, I shall go for my dinner. Not even going to reading this again. I am really hungry.

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  1. I'm pretty sure Nino is actually wearing a wig for the Sakura Sake PV because he shaved his hair for a drama :|

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