[PV] Nakashima Mika - Game

If I didn't like Nakashima Mika and her stick figure so much, I'd have thrown this piece of crap out. What a horrible excuse for a song. Okay, it would have been okay if someone else sung it. Mika should stick to ballads cos it is where she can put her soothing nice voice to good use. Her usual jazzy songs would have been okay too, but I prefer ballads from her. But this one... I don't like it one bit.

But the saving grace is that she looks nice in this PV. I like the whole black and white look. Not sure what it is about though, since the song is so bad I just scrolled through it a bit.

xD Her strange laugh in one of those verses, uh... strange.

I think the video is basically Mika, lots of strange things, shooting at herself. Okay, shooting at many other Mikas. Or something.

You know? I couldn't be bothered.


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