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18 January 2009

The whole group was there, talking about their orgy love member love with Taichi. It was great watching everyone talking about... everyone. Previously, it has always been one Johnny's boy talking about their experiences in the business (except for once when a few of those old timers went on the show) so I was pretty glad to watch this (while painting my nails) on TV.
This is probably the only time I watch NHK, really. Well, back then, before my Johnny's phase, I watched Kouhaku~ but that was a long time ago.
I never took Ohno to be the rebellious type. Apparently, a dance teacher was like "Ohno, if you are not into this, freakin' go home" and home he went. I salute him. He looked so tired and small and old sitting there though. Must be the drama filming and the fishing. Sho apparently is the founder of Johnny's university graduates department. Or something. xD And rapping. And to look so shaggable while doing that. Ah~ Nino has been such a lying prick since he was young. I am not surprised. Jun~ Well, Jun was just tiny. xD Taichi is evil and likes to leave Aiba out of things. Probably because he found out from Nakai that Aiba complained about him on Utaban. xD
The "Beautiful Days" performance was nice. The background and props were pretty! The outfits were nice too. I am liking Jun's hair. Nino was holding his microphone a wee bit too far from his mouth.
The name 嵐 was the butt of a lot of jokes since the beginning. For me, I didn't understand what it meant, so I just took it for another Japanese boyband name with random letters stringed together to make a readable word. But to the average Japanese, I guess using Kanji for an idol group's name could be a bit strange in the late 90s. Imagine naming a boyband "storm" in your native language... xD I just thought of it a bit and went ROTFL. I have seen numourous talk show hosts making fun of them. Well... all I can say is... Who's laughing now? xD Sho and Nino really hated the name. They thought it was going to be a total failure. Well, apart from Aiba and Jun, the other three were not really into the debut thing. They were finding ways to escape, but by a twist of fate, they were tricked and tricked into doing a job after another. I guess even their debut news conference at Hawaii was quite a surprise. I bet they couldn't be more thankful for their blessing in disguise. Hats off to Johnny Kitagawa for tricking these boys into their debut while they were clueless. Had they known what was arranged, they wouldn't have gone on the trip to Hawaii and I would probably be watching... I don't know... KAT-TUN?
It is funny how something you were blindly led into can be one of the best experiences in your life. Really, for me it was the same. Fate works in mysterious ways. But we are not talking about myself because no one is interested. ^^
"Mayonaka no Arashi" was their first show and watching over them was Hatori who is currently doing Zoom In. He was there from the beginning, that is why he loves them so. I watched the show, it was pretty tough, they had to walk around in the wee hours of the night but it was an experience to remember. I remember Sho going by himself (well... there's the cameraman~) to a deserted island, Jun milking cows, Aiba catching thieves at a Shiitake breeding ground, Nino going around to look for a few hundred yens to get to his destination, Ohno~ uh~ partying with drunk men and Yankees. It may be one of the funnest Arashi shows there is.
They later performed "Kaze no Mukou e" which is the song that I am really addicted to right now. Actually for a few days already the song has been playing nonstop in my head. This was a fun performance, everyone was just fooling around, the choreography was simple and fun. They were all smiles and Sho did a bit of air guitar at the beginning. You can catch them making eye contact and all flirty and smiley when the others are singing. I loved it.
Besides the many group activities such as the first concert, the first Asian tour, their first time at Tokyo Dome and their first TV show... Jun quoted "Hana Yori Dango" as one of the most important jobs. I agree wholeheartedly. It is nice that Jun is so frank about it and not faking modesty. It is true that Jun's participation in Hanadan opened new doors for Arashi, introduced Arashi to many who might not have heard of Arashi otherwise. Their singles used as theme songs for Hanadan were more successful than those that were used for other dramas. No matter how much I want to see the members as equals, they are not. And most recently, I recommended a friend the drama. She finished everything in 2 days (inclusive of the movie) and this is testament to how it could have been successful enough to change Arashi's fate. Really.
xD Nino revealed that they were watching the first episode of Hanadan Returns together with the other members at Osaka Jo Hall and when MatsuJun finally appeared after one hour of the show, they were all excited and clapped their hands. xD Before he appeared, they were like "Bring em out! Bring em out! Where is he?" Supportiveness is good. Jun really was amazed at Aiba feeding the lions. He kept mentioning it recently. xD Sho's newscasting is of course another one of the many things that Arashi is proud of. They all have their own domain when you look at it. Though some might overlap, Sho's newscasting is something the others don't have. Aiba's animal-taming, Nino's (albeit once only) Hollywood venture, Jun's Hanadan, Ohno's art exhibition. They all have something that others don't. ^^ I like that they love their group so much that when they watch their own shows, they compliment themselves. xD
They even celebrated their 10th anniversary together with a cake while they were in South Korea. They waited for the clock to strike midnight and then they cheered.
Performance of "Truth" came next. It was a pretty cool performance, full of energy. I like the whole setting. Dark. The whole performance just has an~ attitude to it. And the fire~ fire is always good when it is small and pretty. Big ones are... uh not as good. Anyways, Jun is such a drama queen during this performance. xD It is pretty funny. They had red confetti too. I love confetti. I really like red and black clothes and stuff.
I am sleepy~

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  1. Wow, the comment thingy actually works? I once tried it a few weeks ago and it refused me, so I had to use the shout box instead which then started bitching about me rambling too much. Oh well.
    Anyway, totally off-topic: Have you seen today's Shukudai-kun? OMG Jun's hair! XD I was LOLing so hard I couldn't even decide if I liked it or not. XDDDDD
    About this entry: Hm. Looks like I have to look out for subs for this one, it looks interesting. Anyway, I don't really think naming a band Storm is so strange. o.o I mean, where I come from we have bands that call themselves stuff like Silver Moon, We are Heroes, The Doctors, Rose Pride, Sport Fans Stiller, July... and, erm, well... Tokio Hotel >__<". Storm sounds pretty sane compared to those, don't you think? ^^

  2. I LOLled at him as well.

    I have to say I love it. With Jun, it is always the girlier the better for me, probably because I don't see him as a man that often. xD

    Well, I was thinking of the word "Storm" in my national language. It turned out pretty hilariously uncool, so I assumed the Japanese would have the same feeling about it.

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