[Buzz] Matsuda Ryuhei Sorta Effed Up

Eh, a couple of days ago, it was announced that Matsuda Ryuhei and girlfriend, Ohta Rina tied the knot on 11 January 2009. Ohta turned 21 that day. The couple is expecting a baby. Oh the elder Matsuda brother is... a father.

I give the couple 5 years.

What? The girl just turned 21 this year~ I am 21 and I am still a kid (at heart). I dunno, but yeah, best wishes to them. xD I think they make a pretty couple. They've been together for a while. And a while, in normal people's terms mean 30 years. But they're like celebrities and stuff, so...

This Ohta Rina... she's been in a couple of movies, none of which I have watched. A shotgun marriage means the father is going to work to bring the bread home and the mother's career will be put on an indefinite halt.

Sigh, it is always unfair on the women. Really, why can't men have the kids instead? (The woman-turned-man on Oprah doesn't count.)

xD We are indifferent about the marriage. We do hope to see more of Matsuda Ryuhei and celebrity marriages in the future. And like... was there a ceremony? Did younger brother Shota play Mr. Best man? Just wondering, really.

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