[Talk] Guide To Introducing Your Favorite Boyband To People

This is based entirely on my personal experience. There is no guaranteed success.

Attempt One:
Target - Dad
Venue - Dinner Table

Me: OMG, like I have to eat really fast.
Dad: Why are you in such a hurry?
Me: See, there is this show, tonight, which I have to watch!
Dad: Changed your idols again?
Me: Yeah, well, TVXQ is not stupid enough, really. See, there is this Japanese group right...
Dad: Are you going to spend my money buying their merchandise again?
Me: The talent agency has like... 4 decades of history. They dominate the damn Japanese entertainment industry. Dramas, movies, singing~
Dad: ... *eats food*
Me: And they're so stupid!
Dad: ... *eats food*

Attempt One - Failure

Attempt Two:
Target - Mom
Venue - Kitchen, baking cookies

Me: I am gonna off the Radio, they're playing creepy songs with gramophone sounds.
Mom: Go ahead.
Me: I am going to play my Japanese songs~
Mom: Yeah, okay.
Me: *grabs phone, plays songs*
Mom: There was this Japanese singer back in my time, Yoshinaga Sayuri.
Me: Does she sing enka? Do you know Matsuda Seiko?
Mom: Yoshinaga was really famous back then. Ah I know Matsuda Seiko.
Me: Her daughter is around my age.
Mom: Oh, I didn't know that.
Me: Yeah, they're way before my time though.
Mom: Have you changed your idols yet?
Me: I have stayed with Arashi since, like forever.
Mom: Korean?
Me: Japanese! They're like, really big now! Their sales were the 1st, 2nd, 10th and 12th! (I had that memorized.) They do a lot of things besides singing! Their agency is a really powerful one and had produced boybands for 40 years!
Mom: ...
Me: And do you know Kimura Takuya?
Mom: The one in the Gatsby commercial.
Me: Yes, he is in the agency as well!
Mom: ...
Me: I chose Arashi as my favourite because they're like... nice people! Not that I know. But you see, they do stupid stuff like exposing their nipples and put stokings over their faces!
Mom: They did that to attract girls like you.
Me: AND, they're nice to each other. Like, there is no jealousy, they're like genuinely caring people.
Mom: Like YOU would know.
Me: I watched them. A LOT.
Mom: ...
Me: Wanna watch them?
Mom: No.

Attempt Two - Failed

Note to self: Parents are incorruptible.

xD I am working on two friends. One is a success, one is a partial success.

Parents are just hard.

OH, I totally watched NHK just now for Shokura Premium. OMFG BEST.PERFORMANCE.EVER. The five of them talked to Taichi about their debuts, the jobs they thought were important or left a deep impression and also their feelings to date. And they performed "Beautiful Days", "Kaze no Mukou e" and "Truth". For the second one, they just sorta fooled around. The first was a bit uplifting despite the lyrics. The last one was really, really cool.

They looked dashing as ever. Jun has straight hair. He grew it out, which is not bad. Sho is still with his hair, which I would prefer it if he trims it a bit. It is getting long. Nino... hasn't changed much. Ohno has Kenta hair and Aiba's is a bit shorter like in the 39th episode of VSArashi. I don't like it, but I have seen worst on him.

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  1. parents ARE incorruptible!XP
    ah,hi.nadya here^^
    enjoying my stay at your "place" :)
    was trying to drag my housemates to the Rainbow kingdom too but they head towards NEWS' n KAT-TUN's instead!
    and i showed them every Arashi's i have too T_T
    mind me rambling here "-_-
    thanks for sharing stuffs ^^

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