[Buzz] FukaKyon's Outfit Arouses Men

14 January 2009

On set of the new movie "Yatterman" based on an ancient anime from way back when, FukaKyon plays the antagonist (and very sexy) woman named Doronjo. The movie is to be kept as close to the original anime as possible as the many characters were wearing clothes, using things that are reproduced from the images of the anime. They tried to stay true to the wildly popular anime.
And so, FukaKyon's costume is no exception. A few details might have been changed to... uh... adapt to the changing time, but the gist of what Doronjo is supposed to be like can still be seen on the costume.
And the men are very excited. xD Okay, I might have made a lot of things up. But seriously... xD

Said movie also stars Sakurai Sho and Fukuda Saki will be playing a couple and of course, the two Yattermans. And Gan-chan will have lots of love interests, including Fukuda Saki's, FukaKyon's character and an original character from the film (and playing that character is Okamoto Anri, the girl who played Asou Haruto's patient in the SP of "1 Litre of Tears" She is 14. And Sho would be a freakin' pedo.) Or so, I read. You know? I hope FukaKyon wins. xD
I really like her outfit, btw. Like... xD it looks so slutty, it is amazing.

I like Fukuda Saki too. But I like FukaKyon more. xD I watched FukaKyon's episode of Shukudai from a long time ago, and I could swear that Sho flirted with her, a bit. Since then, I sorta like... think that they're great together. xD (I swear, he tried with the stupid Relakkuma question.)
We also look forward to this movie, very much. Arashi sings the theme song.

And Sho... uh, okay, how do I put this subtly... Oh, I know. Nino is the actor of the group. I haven't watched the movie, but I have watched Sho is several other movies. And... Nino's the actor. Some might say Jun, but Jun cannot hold a candle to Nino.

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