[Buzz] Johnny's Countdown 2007-2008 and Music Station Super Live 2007

The New Year is coming!

No, I am not excited about the New Year... I am excited about Johnny's Countdown!

I go hyper when I think about Countdown!

All of the Johnny's groups except for SMAP will be there!

I watched Johnny's Countdown 2003-2006 already! Well... long ago actually... when I was into Pi. That was a long time ago.

But Arashi, KinKi Kids, TOKIO, Tackey & Tsubasa, Kanjani8, KAT-TUN and this year, HSJ will be there. Oh and NewS... and a couple of old freaks. Up till last year, Akasaka Akira and Sato Atsuhiro from Hikaru Genji were there, Shounentai's 3 and Kondo Masahiko were all there. This year.... since Akasaka's ass is fired because of the meth incident... wonder if the last remaining Hikaru Genji will appear...

Every year, a few songs WILL be sung... I am sick of the repetition. There will be "Paradise Ginka" and "Garasu no Jyudai" by Hikaru Genji, there will be "Andalucia ni Akogare" and "Midnight Shuffle" by Kondo Masahiko and then there will be "Kamen Budoukai" by Shounentai and then there will be "Daybreak" by Otogo Gumi.

Other than the old hits, the hits of the year will be sung! Arashi had 3 singles out this year! All great songs! I cannot wait.

Last year's Countdown brought a big surprise for fans as NewS resurfaced after a year of hiatus due to suspension. NewS reemerged as a 6-member group. Kanjani8 remained with 7 minus Uchi. Since there was a surprise last year, with the appearance of Kusano Hironori and Uchi Hiroki in Playzone, and also Uchi's appearance onstage during the encore in Tokyo Dome for Kanjani8's Ee? Honma? Bikkuri! Tour 2007.... rumours are buzzing about the two to rejoin the groups.

My take?

Kusano rejoining NewS is a no-no. I think NewS made more progress in this one year as compared to when it first debuted. When it first debuted... you look at them and you go... these people look so stiff, their communication with each other shows that they aren't close. Their group... whatever... is not there.

Uchi rejoining K8... I don't know... I mean... even if he rejoins, the situation there is different now. More than a year of suspension, things change. He was the most popular bitch in K8 back then. I don't deny that although Ryo started out early as a junior in the junior's golden era back when Tackey led the pack... but Uchi was way more popular earlier on. Ryo's fame started to go on the rise during the time 1 Litre of Tears was aired. Now, being K8's frontman... he came a long way. Back then Subaru was front, followed closely by Uchi... since Subaru is their senior by many years. Now Ryo's popularity skyrocketed like crazy... But I kinda like Yoko a lot...

Anyways, if Uchi rejoins, a lot of things would be difficult for him. Things changed, as I said. There will be hype for a bit for him. But I think a large portion of his fans jumped ship. Then again... we don't really care if he came back or not.

My Countdown predictions.

We all know how fat Jin got. Higashiyama always thought that Jin looked chubby and delicious. But since he got fatter, Higashiyama prepared a large oven. During the Countdown, Higashiyama will throw Jin in to the oven and bake Jin.

Thousands of fangirls will want to make Jin a part of their poo, thus they will all want a piece of Jin. By the time the clock strikes 12, signaling the arrival of the New Year, chants of "Yummy Fat Jin! Yummy Fat Jin!!" will be heard from 10 miles away. They all want a piece of Jin.

Or something like that.

Several other less dramatic scenes will also appear. Like Nino will propose to Ohno this year. They will be set to marry on the auspicious day of the 8th of August 2008. Chinen will be their maid of honor.

Ueda and Ryo will pair up for a tango performance. Pi will show off his newly acquired breasts... f cup.... eee.... and a strong wind will cause Tegoshi's nose to fall off. End of story.

Okay, that was lame.

Whatever la. I am looking forward to it.

MSSL will be aired on the 21st of December on TV Asahi. KinKi Kids, SMAP, basically everyone will be there... from SMAP to HSJ. I cannot wait for that either!

I am excited.

The list of artists are as such! Directly copied and pasted for TV Asahi's page.

The kanji is from Asahi, the others... are an ill attempt for me to try and make out who exactly is coming.

I dont think this is in performance order....

Below is a color coded list... purple means I am looking forward to it!

横顔 Yokogao - Theme for drama, First Kiss?


千の風になって Sen no Kaze ni Natte - Freaky singer, good song.

秋川雅史 Akikawa Masafumi

しおり Shiori

Aqua Timez

Jewelry day

絢香 ayaka

WINDING ROAD - Brilliant song!

絢香×コブクロ ayakaxKobukuro

Love so sweet - It's Arashi, need I say more... ?


茜色の約束 Akaneiro no Yakusoku

いきものがかり Ikimonogakari

時の描片~トキノカケラ~ Toki no kakera


PEACH - HanaKimi closing song

大塚 Otsuka Ai

イケナイ太陽 Ikenai Taiyou - Hanakimi opening song


喜びの歌 Yorokobi no Uta

Keep the faith - Yukan Club! Yoko is in Yukan Club!


ズッコケ男道 Zukkoke Otokomichi - Ryo and Yoko, and Subaru.

関ジャニ∞ Kanjani8

永遠に Eien ni - Aww... nice song serenading the love affair between the two

KinKi Kids

明日晴れるかな Ashita Hareru kana - Prodai theme song

ダーリン Darling

桑田佳祐 Kuwata Keisuke

愛のうた Ai no Uta - Its a nice song...

倖田來未 Koda Kumi

蕾(つぼみ) Tsubomi - Its Kobukuro...

コブクロ Kobukuro

睡蓮花 Suirenka - Its Shonnanokaze!

湘南乃風 Shonnanokaze

マリンスノウ Marine Snow

スキマスイッチ Sukima Switch

Christmas Night

弾丸ファイター Dangan Fighter


SAMURAI - Its a pretty addictive song...

タッキー& Tackey & Tsubasa

とび魚のバタフライ Tobi... [I have no idea...]

チャットモンチー Chatmonchy

青春(SEISYuN) - They released about... 3 nice singles consecutively...


ア・イ・シ・テ・ルのサイン [ I don't really care]



LIFE - Its Mika! We like Mika! She's hot!

中島美嘉 Nakashima Mika

weeeek - Well... I like Ryo still...


Together When...

浜崎あゆみ Hamasaki Ayumi



君の好きなとこ Kimi no Suki na Toko

平井 Hirai Ken

Lovin' Life


way of life - Its a good song. and its Johnny's. I will watch a 2 hour show of Johnny's walking around with a white background. I would...


vs. ~知覚と快楽の螺旋~ [I don't know]

青 ~ultramarine

福山雅治 Fukuyama Masaharu

Ultra Music Power - Chinen! Chinen loves Ohno, and so do I

Hey! Say! JUMP

リンク Link

ポルノグラフィティ Pornograffiti

GREEN DAYS - Its a nice song... with Humpty Dumpty singing it.

槇原敬之 Makihara Noriyuki

旅立ちの唄 Tabidachi no Uta



mihimaru GT

CHE.R.RY - This is a good song... as well... I guess...


Hurry Xmas - Fuuu


熱帯夜 Nettaiya


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