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I can't help it.

There has been nothing on my mind lately except Arashi and Money. And the heat.

Blasted heat.

Anyways... So, there are rumours about Sakurai Sho dating Kobayashi Mao, whom he is collaborating with in News Zero or something like that. Sho the newsman. Lol. Anyways, I have no comment on that.

There has been rumours of Nino and Nagasawa Masami, but we all know that's fake. Because Ohno and Nino probably are doing it behind closed doors. I am not even kidding. There is not joke here. Its not like a RyoPi thing in the sense that... they ARE totally doing it. Its so transparent that the visually challenged can sense it. That is about the most uncredible rumour ever. I mean, if Nino were straight, that is like saying Michael Jackson is black. I mean, how true is that? (I am wondering if kids born in the 90s go Michael who? At the mention of the dethroned former king of pop. Just wondering. And by dethroned I mean... we all know Justin of the lake of timber, the wannabe RnB star is actually still very Pop.)

Oh and Jun shared Kitagawa Keiko with Pi... xD They were both rumoured. xD This is hilarious... cos like, I don't know... cough... Since I don't care for the both of them... its really... funny that they are doing the same girl. If it were true, I wonder if they were pretending to be all friendinly in M-Sta. OR if they are doing it at the same time with her and formed a bond? Interesting, really.

But the real aim of this update is Aiba Masaki and *drumroll* Mizukawa Asami! This is totally cool! Cos like, she is totally hot back in Nodame Cantabile and Pikanchi Double and Yamada Tarou Monogatari! Her appearance in the latter is short yet memorable cos her face is so... wah! I once watched Domoto Tsuyoshi's Shoujiki Shindoi where she appeared as a guest... it was funny. Well, not the funniest, but funny. I was wondering... why Aiba? I mean, she could totally do better, Aiba is hot and all, but he's like... cute like a puppy. You know...?

I like Aiba but I can't see him as boyfriend material cos I thought he was gay and all with that Sho or Jun or someone... cos he is too innocent and childlike. Like, Aiba always is the baka one that does the stupid things that even Ohno would be amazed at. Aiba does stupid things. Ohno says stupid things. There's a difference.

But then every Arashi fan has seen those nekkid piccies Aiba took with his then girlfriend, who is totally fat. Sorry, I mean not good enough for Aiba, good thing he moved on to greener pastures and sexier grounds. I totally like Asami, for me, her face is up there along with say, Amuro Namie, Uehara Takako and Ayase Haruka.

Mizukawa can do better. But then... xD I guess opposite attracts.

I am not sure where Johnny the perv drew the line between his bitches that are allowed to marry and his bitches that aren't. One would have to presume that it age 30? We don't quite care, BUT, Inohara Yoshihiko and Seto Asaka are getting married! They actually announced it at a concert and it was great. Fans were cheering. I am pretty sure a lot of people would try to cut their wrists if Pi were to do so. I hope they do. =D Then the world would be a better place where talents like Ohno are recognized, since all the nutcases are dead.

On other matters. It was widely rumoured that there are only 3 dudes in JE that are personally recruited by old man Johnny aka the president of JE that is/was widely rumoured to molest his um... artists. I knew for sure that MatsuJun was one of them.

The other two I had to do a little research. (I don't even do that much research for say... my academic related essays. But oh well, obsession makes people go loca.) So, many would assume the likes of Tackey (I HAATE Tackey) and Yamapi to be the other two since they are so favoured way from the beginning.

BUT, I read from a credible source that the other two are actually Higashiyama Noriyuki from Shounentai and Nakai Masahiro from SMAP. *Snickers* I am sorry, but the mention of Nakai makes me *snickers*... do that... anyways. I get Higashiyama, since he looks just as slutty as Jun. But Nakai?! Nakai?! Okay, I am done.

I thought it would be KimuTaku or like, say, Tackey? But I remembered Tackey mentioned something about an audition. The personally recruited ones skipped audition.

Oh and there is this special dude named Okada Junichi from V6 that skipped time as Johnny's bitch pre-debut a Junior and debuted immediately. He is sexy as hell and we sure do not doubt the authenticity of this piece of news. More like, I don't care. Whatever.

I may soon update with a list of the sluttiest member of the male species that Johnny's has ever produced. List most probably include say... KimuTaku, Kame, Tackey, Pi, probably Jin and Jun. You know... the gang that apparently is the cream of the whatever. I usually pick them out and then ignore them. There may be dark times where I might have fallen into the shadows of their sluttiness. But those woe days are over. Gone be my vulnerability to the temptation.

I have a thing against sluttiness in men. It disturbs me.

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