[Talk] Ninomiya Kazunari Puzzles Me

I don't claim to know the Arashi members very well. But you know, sometimes, when you watch them a lot, certain things you will notice and then you have a rough idea of what they should be like.

Jun is just... being mature beyond his years. He knows he's hot, he is confident and he is caring but hides it. He is extremely narcissistic and careful.

Sho is smart about certain things, Sho is hardworking. He knows what he is doing, he knows how to express himself in words. Being apparently, the most well-versed among the member, Sho is the one answering questions and telling the stories about the group in words. He has a sense of humour as well. I think Sho is a very kind man, a very patient man and is quite easily satisfied.

Aiba is quite a spoilt kid. Spoit isn't the word... um... sheltered? He is quite impatient but easily motivated back into whatever he was previously discouraged in doing. He is natural when expressing himself, his feelings and does not really mind how people respond to that.

Ohno is great in general arts. He can draw from memory really well, he can dance well and basically, he doesn't give a crap about a lot of things. To exaggerate his situation, I would say Ohno doesn't really have a lot of hedonistic needs. Clothes doesn't have to make him gorgeous, if there are clothes, he'd just wear them.

But for Nino, he puzzles me. One moment he's a complete dork, another he seems so... deep? He is just difficult to understand. He has many layers to him. I am continuously surprised by his talents and what he managed to achieve. YET, I am completely surprised by the stupid things he does.

Nino is a tough nut to crack, you know? He is one of those... people... I am convinced that if Nino doesn't study hard, he'd still excel.

He is that type of a genius. If he sets his mind to it, he will finish it beautifully. He amazes me. His childish appearance often serves as the best camouflage for his talents. I think Nino is able to manipulate the other members into doing what he wants. Oh and he is evil. I think Ryo and him would be battling it out if Johnny's were to choose the most evil creature under its label.

If I didn't know when his berfdei actually is, I would have thought he is a Scorpio. But I wouldn't imagine Nino to be really friendly, people who seem to have many layers to them, people who seem to not reveal themselves to others and are able to surprise you all the time, these people scare me.

I watch a lot of behind the scenes and interviews. Idols work hard. Really hard. Harder than I do in class. And they do not complain.

Well, if they do, I'd be pissed cos they get a lot of MONAY for doing what they do. I'd kill for that chance. MONAY. But they work hard.

Its day in and day out, mininal sleeping hours. But when you compare their lives with ours... OKAY, LETS NOT, because I might go into the whole I am so sick of my life phase and then get all depressed.

I'll live my life the way I am capable of. And I will be happy with the choices I make. Yes, and now back to watching Arashi.

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  1. Nino is cool. He sorta grows on you. Never liked him before but Arashi will not be complete without him.

    I sort of think he's the 'girl' of Arashi because he's so difficult to figure out; everchanging and morphing, never keeping still...Reading some of his answers in magazine interviews gives me a headache because of all the randomness and evasion!

    Also, did you notice how he's the most aware of his surroundings? Like he's always reading the air and his comedic timing is perfect. Plus, he *KNOW* what the fans want and gives it to them. He is true idol in the sense that he doesn't show his true self and concentrates on selling us dreams...

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