[Talk] What Happened Ryo?

I don't think that I lost it for Ryo because I like Arashi better now.

I am fully capable of having lots of interest. (:

I think I lost it for Ryo because of how he became, that is fake.

For these boyband members, they learn. They slowly learn how to seduce young girls to support them and spend a fortune on them and they learn how to get past the competition. And the competition in JE is heavy.

Ryo learned how to be the popular type. The type that does cute things just to fan the flames of his popularity.

I truly hate these types.

Or, I might just be over Ryo because of Arashi, really who cares. Not I.

Its like how I can cheer at Pi's past videos yet everytime I see new clips of him, I go "FAKE asshole." I am kinda doing that for Ryo right now.

I can name a few of these boys who were totally lovable when they were young and green but turned into divas and bitches when they gained fame and popularity.

Pi, Jin, Ryo, Tegoshi, Jun (He was cuter as the clumsy comedian) and...

I mean, when you see how member describe Ryo backstage, its so different from the funny meanness on stage. Its like, if I knew him in real life, I'd really despise that guy. From the description, I would really, really hate him.

How he treats others piss me off. I mean, since they say his feud with Ueda is scripted, okay, then its funny. But the way he talked to Nakamaru in the most recent ShoKura kinda pissed me off. Nakamaru is a perfectly pleasant, modest host, Ryo needs to learn manners.

Oh wait... I am in no position to talk about manners... but I can influence no one. Ryo can influence a generation of young girls to become little mean bitches, now we don't want that. Ryo's a bitch. End of story.

But it difficult to hate him... at least for the mean time.

Again, not to say that Arashi isn't fake, but since I am in their phase, I cannnot really see that yet. It takes a while to rip off the veneer and see them for who they are and not who you want them to be.

But Arashi spend about more than 2 years going to the homes of old couples and help them for a day. They accompanied them and cheered up their lives, even if its for only one day, at least they made an effort to try. When I watched them doing their best, find ways to make the old folks happy, going through all the trouble to take over their work for one day, to make presents for them, it really is touching. This is when we can bet that Arashi is the nicest group Johnny Kitagawa ever produced.

But then in a month or two I might be debating about this in another totally different point of view.

People change.


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  1. Popularity corrupts and absolute popularity corrupts absolutely... KEKEKE

    But ARASHI pwns all. No question. I miss Mago Mago and Childminder <3 <3

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