[TV] NTV Best Artist 2007 - KAT-TUN

Someone should tell Jin to stop barking during performances.

No, I am wrong. I have heard dogs bark with more melody than this.

Jin should stop making that funny sound so that the rest can sing.

Oh, and I knew Jin was dumb, but one would think that after all those years of holding a microphone, he would know that taking it away from his mouth while singing will cause his voice to NOT be heard.

I know some singers distance the microphone so that they can do the fade out effect or something like that, but Jin was doing it all wrong.

I bet he was doing it just for styles, well, didn't work for me.

The funniest thing is when I read the comments on youtube, there are people who say that his... 'shouting', I would prefer to use the word barking, even if it is too good for him, was hot. People actually think that was hot.

I mean, sure, of course it was. If they're definition of hot is screwing the performance up for the rest of the group, then sure. It was hot, whatever.

Jin should go lose some weight. I mean, DoTs is short and plump, thats cute, Jin is tall and fat, thats... fugly.

KAT-TUN should gag Jin. He was a good singer, until he somehow got it into his head that barking is sexay. If I want to listen to barking, I'd kick a dog or something. (Of course I won't. In fact, the dog will kick me before I kick it. I am petrified of dogs. But you get the idea...)

I bet its Jin who infected Pi with that stupid poker face look. Hate them all.

I am such a hater.

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