[Drama] Hotaru no Hikari


Episodes: 10

Starring: Ayase Haruka, Fujiki Naohito, Kuninaka Ryoko, Kato Kazuki, Asami Reina...

Ayase Haruka plays the title character Amemiya Hotaru. Hotaru appears to be an efficient working lady who looks good, works hard. One would presume her private life to be almost the same. Unfortunately, during her private time, Hotaru turns into a total slob, drinks lots of beer and doesn't go dating. She talks to cats, hugs bolsters and prefers lazing at home rather than going out to socialize and meet new people like normal girls in their 20s.

This all changed when her boss, played by Fujiki Naohito moved into her place, which was rented by the boss's dad to her. Under these circumstances, they were forced to live together. Also, an ex/new employee came back from London to the company that Hotaru works in and sparked flames in Hotaru's long vacant love life.


One of my favourite actresses and another of my favourite actor. Is there any reason that I shouldn't watch this at all?! I am excited! Only the first episode and I am jumping around in excitement! Fujiki Naohito in a type of character that I have never seen before! And I have seen a lot of Fujiki Naohito... ("Love Revolution" - Which was aired on national TV, and I went... who the hell is that hottie?!, "Kou Kou Kyoushi" - with Ueto Aya, sadly I didn't watch the ending... I don't know how did I miss it..., "Itoshi Kimi e" it was sad, but this is not my favourite drama... now where near my favourite., "1 Litre of Tears" and "Prodai" and soon to come, I might watch "Galcir" but now... its this drama first!" He sure is a veteran actor.)

And Ayase Haruka is so pretty! And Fujiki is so hot. And and that love interest of Hotaru's that Teshima Makoto... xD

Okay, I am just excited okay. I liked Ayase Haruka since I watched a few of her dramas... and Fujiki has a different aura in this drama... sorta like a snob and so blunt that he seems hilarious. And the pairing of Amemiya and Takano is so adorable! I am still at second episode and I don't know how they will progress... Its confusing, its like they could go both ways.

But this is a drama that I really hope doesn't end in a cliched way. I hope the leading lady and the leading man will not have a romantic relationship. Because... Teshima Makoto is really wah...

But the interaction between Hotaru and Seiichi is too cute. I am confused... Sometimes its like father-daughter relationship, other times its like... maybe something could happen. I am too involved with this drama! The surprising thing is that... there are no Johnny's boys starring in it... that's like... wow.

Anyways, Hotaru is adorable and Seiichi is even more adorable, Makoto is sweet. It's a good watch. If its a good drama, by the first episode you will know that.

But even if I like Hotaru and Seiichi, I prefer Hotaru and Makoto... Fujiki is better as Ayase's character's dad than her boyfriend... Not that Fujiki can produce babies at the age of 13, but... you get the idea...

Okay, like I am typing this as I watch so I reached episode 7 and I think it is better than I stop here because something big is going to happen in the drama. Like some ground breaking realisation on part of the characters. So yeah, no spoilers, so off I go.

Btw, its freaking good so everyone should watch it. On a last note, I am very extremely surprised that the viewership ratings are so low. In fact... its bad... good is 18% and above... this drama only got an average of 13 every episode. Yeah... even ProDai got a 17 or so, which means sorta average.

Japan is getting their likes and dislikes all wrong. I am confused. I mean, Akanishi Jin got voted the most wanted lover. I choked on air and passed out for a whole hour. Okay, I didn't. But I very well could have.



I finished it!

Awww... its so good. I'm dying to tell it all.

But I won't.

Because its good. ^^

Fujiki Naohito HAS TO STOP PLAYING CHARACTERS THAT ARE SO WOW. Really, at 35 and married he should stop charming girls like that... lol.

But even if he is 35 a 23-year-old man cannot match his... appeal...

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