[Buzz+Talk] When I Was Away

I went away for roughly a week. I had to survive without JE for a week.

BUT, I had minor doses of JE like how I have songs in my player, and Taiwanese Mtv that is very Johnnyfied (Spotted KAT-TUN's Keep the Faith and NewS's weeeek!) and Ryo in a drama airing in Taiwanese TV.

However, there are times where I wish I could just be at home and watch Arashi.

I came back and went online... to find that I missed 2 episodes of Arashi's Shukudaikun, some JaniBen, Muchaburi, cartoon KAT-TUN, and the MSSL. T_T I couldn't find the whole MSSL, just the parts with Johnny's artists. I really want to watch the whole thing, found it on torrent... but that means I'd have to reinstall the torrent client, and that sucks.

Which means... Johnny's only will have to suffice.

I watched Arashi on Arashi's Shukudaikun today, and I realized something... my Johnny's group to group tour will end here, with Arashi. I went from NewS to KAT-TUN to Kanjani8 to Tackey & Tsubasa to minor KinKi Kids and now Arashi. Well, it may very well be another quick stop, but I feel that... this is the group that will keep me interested for a while... I mean, its a ball of love, member love. We cannot dislike anyone. Or rather, I alone.

And best of all, HAPPY songs, ass grabbing from Sho and Nino to the victim that is Ohno. Fan service...

Oh and Ohno is sexay, that is another reason. Even if I was in an Aiba phase... ^^ Oh and Yukan Club ended... and my goodness Yoko is sexay in there...

Will talk about that later...

Arashi will be the last JE, I hope.

Oh and my brother is listening to a lot of KAT-TUN, I was like... "WTFFF?!" and my mom thinks Chinen is cute... so do I. I wanna eat him. So does Ohno. I guess we'll have to share. *Grabs mayonnaise" haven't you heard? It tastes good with kids...

Right, note that I am not actually a cannibal. Its just... when words are put in writing, they tend to appear more exaggerated, what I was trying to say is that... Chinen is cute. I want him as a pet. So that when Ohno wants to see Chinen, he'd have to come visit him here.

O.o I went into a totally creepy mode there... Geez... it must be the week long JE deprivation. Do not try that, it endangers one's life.

There, one week worth of fangirling, compressed into a few paragraphs of fangirling words with high density.

Oh and MatsuJun is in a movie with Nagasawa Masami and Abe Hiroshi called "Kakushitori de no San Akunin" which is the work of Kurosawa Akira. And... um... Sho is filming a drama. Oh and Sho's movie, "Hachimitsu to Clover" is coming out with a drama, starring none other than... *drumroll* IKUTA TOMA.

HanaKimi really launched his career. The poor thing was deprived of a debut when Pi was grouped with NewS members. He was in a group called... Four Tops or something like that, with Pi (who was cute back then... he's so yucky right now.) Hasegawa Jun (NOT the ViVi model, some guy.) and Kazama Shunsuke.

That was ancient history.

And I really don't like Jin and Koki from KAT-TUN. Will prove why they are dislikable when I talk about MSSL Johnny's performances which are all that I have watched.

OH and I saw the Taipei Dome when I was in er... Taipei.

AND AND AND, I cannot help but realize... I was driven on the very grounds that Arashi might have been driven on... and NewS too!

Riiight... I am that crazy.

The above picture is of nothing but a shop's name.
I took a piccie of it merely because the first word is of nothing significant, the second is a word read as "Nishiki" from Nishikido Ryo's name. The last word is "Do" from Domoto Tsuyoshi.
The Chinese word next to the 50 in the picture above is "Arashi".

I was that free when I was traveling. You know, riding in a moving car for many hours, you get bored. You wake from a nap and look out the window to see the glitzy city. You see a word you recognize and go... "I need a picture of this!"

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  1. Wah!!
    A Johnny deprived week? O_O
    OMG, I'll die! I have been so Arashi deprived lately because of the Christmas holidays, and all the family gatherings! ^^;

    Yea, it's nice and all to talk to your overseas cousins but I'm missing so much on my fandom here.. T_T Good thing I got a chance to sneak upon my computer and play around a bit... (sigh)

  2. Oh you'll survive it... ^^

    Sneak some into your phone... or music player, it'll relief the desperation for a bit... xD

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