[Buzz] Wanted Kouhaku Appearance

*Info gotten from Pi-chan Nikki.

According to a certain magazine we call TV Guide, that made a survey on which artists do they want to see in the Kouhaku.

But the thing is, Kouhaku clashes with the Johnny's Countdown at Tokyo Dome. Since SMAP thinks they are oh-so-special, they skipped Countdown and went for the Kouhaku instead. I heard that TOKIO does both. I think KinKi too, but I can't confirm because I don't like to watch the Kouhaku.

Kouhaku is for old people. The overwhelming amount of enka performances can suffocate me.

  1. SMAP
  2. Kanjani8
  3. KAT-TUN
  4. NewS
  5. Exile
  6. Amuro Namie
  7. Arashi
  8. Otsuka Ai
  9. KinKi Kids
  10. Kobukuro
  11. Southern All Stars
  12. Pornograffiti
  13. Mr.Children
  14. YUI
  15. GLAY
  16. Koda Kumi
  17. TOKIO
  18. Hamasaki Ayumi
  19. AAA
  20. Hey! Say! Jump
Anyways, can you see how Johnny's dominate the industry? Also, where the hell is Tackey and Tsubasa and V6?

C'mon, HSJ? Kouhaku? Too fast, too early. They debuted only a month or two ago. Even Kanjani8 who tried to get in last year or the year before or whatever, couldn't get it.

They boys should just all go for the gig at Tokyo Dome. SMAP should stop being so annoyingly proud and go join the great orgy... party. Let it be a feast upon the eyes of fangirls of all ages.

Ah, I can't wait!

Okay, I changed my mind. SMAP can stay at the Kouhaku.

I just heard them sing. I knew Nakai couldn't sing, but Goro can't as well. He was totally out of tune!

I don't get why are they so great.

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